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Amazon Machine Learning (AML) for Developers Training

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Master the core concepts - data source, ML models, evaluation, batch and real-time predictions of Amazon Machine Learning. Learn hands-on to use APIs to integrate your ML models with your application.

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What is Amazon Machine Learning (AML) for Developers Course about?

Master the tools and wizards to create robust ML models on Amazon Cloud. Obtain predictions for your application using simple APIs, without having to implement custom prediction generation code, or manage any infrastructure. In the cloud, labs practice making live application to predict the response to a marketing offer. Be industry-ready to develop cutting-edge intelligent apps in the fastest possible time with our AML training.

Suggested Audience

Developers with any amount of experience with or without a data science background wanting to develop an intelligent application in a short span of time

What are the objectives of Amazon Machine Learning (AML) for Developers Course ?

This Amazon Machine Learning course enables you to:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of key concepts of Amazon Machine Learning (AML)
  • Integrate machine learning with your app with minimal effort Explore data sources and manipulate data within AML
  • Build, train, evaluate and improve your models without having to understand infrastructure deployment issues
  • Generate and integrate real-time predictions to help you develop an intelligent application that your organization needs
Available Training Modes

Live Online Training

18 Hours

Classroom Training


3 Days

Who is Amazon Machine Learning (AML) for Developers Course for?

  • Anyone who wants to add Amazon Machine Learning (AML) for Developers skills to their profile
  • Teams getting started on Amazon Machine Learning (AML) for Developers projects
  • What are the prerequisites for Amazon Machine Learning (AML) for Developers Course?

    Required: Development experience in any programming language

    Suggested: Knowledge of AWS

    Duration: 2 Days

    Course Outline

    • Amazon Machine Learning Key Concepts
      • Data Sources
      • ML Models
      • Evaluations
      • Batch Prediction
      • Real-time Predictio
    • Accessing AML
      • Amazon ML Console
      • AWS CLI
      • Amazon ML API
      • AWS SDKs
    • Building a Machine Learning Application
      • Formulating the Problem
      • Collecting Labeled Data
      • Analyzing your Data
      • Feature Processing
      • Splitting the data into Training and Evaluation Data
      • Training the Model
      • Linear Models
      • Learning Algorithms
      • Training Parameters
      • Evaluating Model Accuracy
      • Improving Model Accuracy
      • Using the Model to Make Predictions
      • Retraining Models on New Data
    • Creating and Using Datasources
      • Understanding the data format for AML
      • Creating a Data Schema for AML
      • Splitting Your Data
      • Data Insights
      • Using Amazon S3 with Amazon ML
      • Creating an Amazon ML Datasources from Data in Amazon Redshift
      • Using Data from an Amazon RDS Database to Create and AML Datasource
    • Training ML Models
      • Types of ML Models
      • Training Process
      • Training Parameters
      • Creating an ML Model
    • Data Transformation for Machine Learning
      • Importance of Feature Transformation
      • Feature Transformations with Data Recipes
      • Recipe Format Reference
      • Suggested Recipes
      • Data Transformations Reference
      • Data Rearrangement
    • Evaluating ML Models
      • ML Model Insights
      • Binary Model Insights
      • Multiclass Model Insights
      • Regression Model Insights
      • Cross-validation
      • Evaluation Alerts
    • Generating and Interpreting Predictions
      • Creating a Batch Prediction
      • Reviewing Batch Prediction
      • Reading the Batch Prediction
      • Requesting Real-time Predictions
    • Managing AML Objects
      • Listing Objects
      • Retrieving Object Descriptions
      • Updating Objects
      • Deleting Objects
    • Using AML to Predict Response to a Marketing Offer
      • Prepare your data
      • Create a Training Datasource
      • Create an ML Model
      • Review ML Model's Predictive Performance
      • Generate Predictions
      • Clean Up

    Who is the instructor for this training?

    The trainer for this Amazon Machine Learning (AML) for Developers Training has extensive experience in this domain, including years of experience training & mentoring professionals.