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Anypoint Platform Architecture: Solution Design Training

Live Online & Classroom Enterprise Certification Training

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Master the core skills needed to design an enterprise integration solution for Mule runtime. Gain in-depth knowledge to make architecture and design decisions with SpringPeople MuleSoft Solution Architecture training

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What is Mulesoft Architecture Certification Training about?

With SpringPeople MuleSoft Solution Architect training, candidates will be enabled to recognize today’s challenges for enterprise integration and articulate MuleSoft’s architectural approaches.

The MuleSoft Developer training will help candidates to scale reliable, secure integration application for Mule runtime and deploy Mule runtime on cloud and on-premises. Candidates will gain an in-depth knowledge of how to design RESTful APIs to create and categorize APIs. They will learn the fundamentals of integration to make highly available on Anypoint Platform.

With intensive hands-on training, this training will give candidates a solid understanding of implementation patterns such as designing mule applications, optimize performance, security and much more. Upon completion of Anypoint Platform Architecture Solution Design training, candidates will be able to design enterprise integration solutions for Mule runtime.

This MuleSoft Solution Architect training will prepare candidates for the  MuleSoft Certified Architect - Solution Design Specialist exam.

What are the objectives of Mulesoft Architecture Certification Training ?

After attending the MuleSoft Developer training, candidates will be able to:

  • Select the best architectural style for a specific integration scenario.

  • Architect performant, scalable, reliable, and secure integration applications for the Mule runtime.

  • Architect for both on-premises and cloud deployments of the Mule runtime.
  • Design effective integration interfaces using RESTful APIs.
  • Document integration solution architectures.
  • Specify guidelines for automated unit and integration tests.
  • Pass MuleSoft Certified Architect - Solution Design Specialist exam

Available Training Modes

Live Online Training

30 Hours

Classroom Training


4 Days

Who is Mulesoft Architecture Certification Training for?

  • Lead/ Senior Developers
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What are the prerequisites for Mulesoft Architecture Certification Training?

  • Should have successfully passed MCD - Integration and API Associate... Read More

Course Outline

  • Introducing Enterprise Integration
    • Understand integration architecture challenges
    • Learn about multi-speed/bi-modal IT
    • Learn about API-led strategy
    • Learn about MuleSoft architectural approaches
    • Understand and position the Anypoint Platform and components
  • Introducing Architectural Styles and Pattern
    • Learn about integration styles including service oriented architecture and microservices
    • Understand and distinguish between SOA, REST, microservices, generic, and enterprise integration patterns
  • Designing APIs
    • Become familiar with APIs and MuleSoft's approach to APIs
    • Learn about API design essentials
    • Understand the API development lifecycle
  • Designing RESTful Services
    • Understand REST principles
    • Learn about REST design patterns
    • Learn about the RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML)
    • Design and implement APIs using RAML and REST
  • Designing Integration Services
    • Learn about general design considerations
    • Learn about demand and capacity planning
    • Make applications scalable and highly available
    • Learn about deployment and runtime options
    • Understand CloudHub architecture
  • Understanding Mule Application Design
    • Learn about Mule application architecture
    • Learn about design considerations
    • Structure applications for modularity and reusability
    • Understand test driven development options
    • Learn about software development lifecycle support
    • Distinguish between on-prem, cloud-based, and hybrid designs
  • Optimizing for High Availability and Reliability
    • Understand design considerations
    • Understand high availability concepts and scenarios
    • Learn about achieving high availability
    • Learn about achieving reliability
    • Learn about zero message loss scenarios
    • Optimize application architecture for reliability and availability
  • Optimizing for Performance
    • Learn about design considerations
    • Learn how to optimize application architecture for performance based on a MuleSoft design pattern
    • Optimize threads and thread pools for performance
    • Use clusters and load balancing for performance
  • Considering Security
    • Understand security considerations
    • Learn how to enhance security in Mule applications
    • Review security recommendations
    • Understand secure communications
    • Learn how to harden Mule installations
  • LAB1
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  • LAB2
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  • LAB3
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  • LAB4
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Who is the instructor for this training?

The trainer for this course has undergone a rigorous certification process to meet the high standards laid out by MuleSoft. With hands-on knowledge of Mule, Apache Hadoop, Web Services, and related technologies, the trainer brings deep technical expertise implementing these solutions for enterprises. The trainer has extensive experience in training end users on MuleSoft technologies.

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Anypoint Platform Architecture: Solution Design Training - Certification & Exam

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