Become an instructor

Get recognized & incentivized by the virtue of your knowledge

Enlighten others

With What You Have

Trainers Rule!

Deliver Classes Your Way!

*Create your own online,instructor led course
*Deliver one or more "standard" courses
*Create your own self-paced course

No Upfront Commitments!

*Schedule and deliver classes as it suits your schedule.
*Start with first class and if you like it,continue at your own pace.
*Choose when to deliver a class and devote only the hours you would like to.

Make Serious Money!

*Significant money for just a few hours training delivery each month.
*Training classes are usually only 12 or 18 hours long.
*With just one class, you can easily earn around 20k to 30k.

Win-Win Income Model!

*Revenue share model– more participants means more income from the training!
*Your fixed income from the class is guaranteed, even when there’s only 1 participant
*In essence, Trainers get their full income–at the bare minimum, fixed fee for the class

We Organise Everything!

*SpringPeople will take care of all logistics, marketing, sales, customer support etc.
*All trainers will need is to have training content for the class, in line with the training outline published on the website.

No Investment To Make!

*SpringPeople bears the cost of creating, publishing, promoting and selling the course including any discounts offered.
*SpringPeople bears the cost of training infrastructure and services, dealing with corporate customers,collecting payments etc.

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