13 Frequently Asked DevOps Interview Questions of 2018

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DevOps is a philosophy, a collaboration between operations and development. Until recently, operations and development engineers were working apart on their individual tasks; with little, if any knowledge about each other’s respective functions. However, with the recent advancement in IT, this traditional approach has experienced a paradigm shift. With DevOps, now there exists a bridge between IT operations and development and this has become a popular methodology for software development.

Today, DevOps is one of the most lucrative careers in IT. There is an increasing market for DevOps Engineer job in technology organizations. Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in this area can check out DevOps courses here. DevOps training is a good way to kick-start a career in DevOps.

This blog curates some of the frequently asked interview questions for a DevOps centric role. If you have attended DevOps interviews in the past or have any other additional questions that you think can be asked during an interview, please mention it in the comment section below.

1. Define DevOps?
DevOps is a buzzword in IT which emphasizes the communication and collaboration of software developers and other IT professionals. DevOps focuses on providing faster software products and eliminating the failure rate of releases.

2. What are the key aspects of DevOps?
Following are the key aspects of DevOps:
⦁ Security
⦁ Automation
⦁ Continuous deployment
⦁ Monitoring
⦁ Infrastructure as code

3. Mention what are the types of Http requests?
The types of Http requests include:

4. Which are the top DevOps tools?

The most popular DevOps tool are :


5. Why are configuration management processes and tools important?
The best way to answer this question is to first talk about the multiple software builds, versions, releases and revisions that are being developed for each software or testware. The next step is then to explain why it is essential to store & maintain data and track the latest development builds and simplified troubleshooting. Also, mention the role of tools Puppet, Ansible, and Chef in automating software deployment and configuration on several servers.

6. What is the need for DevOps?
Your answer should first touch upon the general mark trend. For instance, start elaborating on how today companies are experimenting to see if small features can be transported to their users through a series of releases trains. This has many advantages including better software quality and quicker customer feedback which would lead to higher customer satisfaction. Companies, in order to achieve this need to accomplish certain things such as increasing the frequency of deployment, lower the failure rate of new releases and shorten the lead time between fixes.

This all can be fulfilled by DevOps which helps companies in seamless software. Etsy, Google, and Amazon are few examples of companies that have scaled performance levels with DevOps.

7. What is the most important thing DevOps helps us achieve?
One of the important things DevOps help the users to achieve is getting the changes into production quickly while ensuring the risks are kept to a minimum in software quality assurance and compliance.
Note: You can also enumerate on the other positive effects of DevOps, for instance, better communications and working relations between Ops and Dev team which ensures delivery of good quality software leading to better customer satisfaction

8. Elaborate with an example where DevOps can be used in industry/ real-life
As currently there are scores of industries using DevOps, you can answer this question by elaborating on any of those use cases. Following is an example of one such use case:

Etsy is an e-commerce website which deals in the handmade, vintage, and unique factory-manufactured items. The said company struggled with frequent slow, site updates which caused the site to go down, which in turn had a negative impact on the vendors using this e-commerce platform.

Eventually, with the help of a new technical management team, Etsy was able to transition from its waterfall model to a more agile model. This resulted in a fully automated deployment pipeline and a faster deployment like 50 a day with fewer disruptions.

9. Do you have any experience in your past organization’s software development and technical operations arena?
A good answer to this question would involve sharing instances of your flexibility in your previous job. Refer below to model your perfect answer.

DevOps engineers work 24/7 in a challenging environment. I was adaptable to on-call duties and had to take up the responsibility of real-time and live-system. I was able to successfully automate processes to support continuous software deployments.
Some of the areas and tools that I have experience with are public & private clouds, Chef, Puppet, Scripting & Automation with Python and PHP. I also have a background in agile.

10. What are the anti-patterns of DevOps?
Antipattern is when a person adopts a commonly used pattern, which does not work for that particular organization. However, the person still continues to follow that pattern.

Following are some of the myths about DevOps:-
Agile means DevOps
There needs to be a separate DevOps group
DevOps is a process
DevOps is neither Development driven nor IT Operations are driven
DevOps is a solution to all problems
DevOps is Developers Managing Production

11. How would you know if your video card can run Unity?
You will know when you use the command /usr/lib/Linux/unity_support_test-p. When you use this command, it will yield detailed output regarding Unity’s requirements and if these are met, then you know your video card can run Unity.
12. Explain how to enable startup sound in Ubuntu?
There are four steps to enable startup sound in Ubuntu.
The first step is to click on control gear and then on Startup applications
Then, in the startup application preference window, select add to add an entry
The third step is to fill up the details required in the comment box like Name, Command, and Comment
/usr/bin/canberra-gtk-play—id= “desktop-login”—description= “Play login sound”
The last step is to log out and then log in once you are done

13. Is there any difference between DevOps & Agile?
This question is frequently asked in a DevOps centric interview.
Though DevOps is always implemented in sync with Agile methodologies, there exists a difference between both. DevOps deal with development, deployment of software which brings about faster turnaround time, fewer errors and more reliability while Agile is associated with production or development of a software.

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