13 Mobile App Development Trends of 2018

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A Mobile App is a software designed to run specifically on wireless devices such as mobiles and tablets. Over the years they have evolved from suggesting to the customers the kind of content to consumers to allow the customers to decide the content. Mobile App consumption has seen a  steady growth as people have started using smartphones more and more.

With the latest boom in Mobile App consumption, a lot of business’ have started to capitalize on the same. Never has been the time been so ripe for business’ to drive sales through Mobile Apps than this decade. Digital interaction has slowly evolved to be one of the main factors in customer engagement. Listed below are the latest trends in Mobile App development.

1. Wearable Apps

Wearable Apps spells huge opportunities in the Tech world. They are considered more approachable than hand held apps. Their superior scanning and sensory feature set it aside from PCs and mobile devices. These Apps also mean increased user interaction with the App: be it tapping or responding to voice commands. The collaboration of wearables with mobiles will surely influence the next-gen mobile app development.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an arena that has business’ vying for control. Customized, conversational commerce and the personalized experience are few of the features that AI offers now. Its rapid growth is a testimony to the reality that Al in mobile apps will have a significant edge.

3. Internet of things(IoT)

Without any dispute, IoT is going to remain one of the major trends in 2018. Internet of Things enables automation, remote control, and monitoring through sensor technologies in non- IT devices. Regardless to say, the world of technology remains connected through IoT.

4. Swift- The Demanding Language

The basic aim of this programming language is to reduce the cost of developing an App while increasing the speed of App creation. One of its unique features is Interactive playgrounds: it allows the developer to incorporate changes to any snippets of code and see the result on an emulator or device without having to recompile and correct errors.

5. Design Approach

Designers of successful Apps have developed features that promote sound experience for users: intuitive designs and interactive interfaces for responsive and easy to use Applications. An effective display of data and content can enhance and result in more users of an App.

6. Cloud-Based Application Development

Mobile Apps with direct Cloud interaction will transform the smartphone industry. Cloud computing would mean reliability, speed, maximum collection and storage of user data. With Cloud, Computing users can store their data on centralized devices and access it temporarily on client devices like desktops, handheld, notebook and many more devices.

7. Mobile Payments

Flexibility and Convenience at fingertips. From digital shopping to paying utility bills, mobile payments have made it possible for users to save time and energy. Apple Pay and Google Wallet have revolutionized it further by taking their users to a world of m-commerce from conventional online payments through internet banking or through debit/ credit card.

M-commerce is also used by companies to enrich their database about their customers.

8. Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality Apps

From presenting products and services in detail by enabling visual experience for clients, with AR it is possible to show customers relevance of the products in real time. VR makes way to an interactive experience through the 3D vision of products. A diverse range of industries is going to be transformed by both AR and VR.

Entertainment is not going to be the only sphere that AR/ VR touches upon this decade. From Retail, Engineering to Real Estate, the market for Augmented reality is vast.

9. On-Demand Apps

These Apps have revolutionized business and are on a rapid growth spree. The popularity of these Apps is immense. Customer friendly, Convenient, Flexible and Easy payments make these apps the top must have to users. Laundry services, Cleaning services, Food- delivery and Taxi services are few of the broad categories these apps fall into. Uber, Ola, Swiggy, and Zomato are some popular examples of these kinds of Apps.

10. Application Security

Apps with built-in security features are a new rage. Our mobile phones host a  large amount of our personal data. With the increasing leak of personal data through spyware, it has become crucial to secure it. Security apps pave the way to a secure user experience and thus will be a prime consideration for a Mobile App developer.

11. Lazy Loading

Another ingenious way of alleviating dissatisfaction among users is through Lazy Loading. All of us have at one point been dissuaded from reading an article as the page takes too long a time to load because of an image it contains. The solution devised for this is lazy loading: the image only loads when it turns comes on the page and you can see the rest of the article instantly. Brainy, isn’t it?

12. Cross-Platform Development

These are Apps that can be used for many mobile applications like Android, IOS, Blackberry etc. They play a very crucial role in mobile app development as they are economical and also increases the speed of app development. Such apps are based on common programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

13. Location Based Services

Most smartphones today have location sensor capabilities with which they can determine the exact location. Apps for finding out indoor location uses measures like Ultrasonic Beacons, WiFi, images and geomagnetic. Mobile Apps which can pinpoint precise location can deliver extremely personalized information and services.

The progress and the innovation in the above-mentioned trends in Mobile App development point to how far technology has come in serving customers.

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