7 Most Promising Tech Jobs of 2018

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By 2024, with more than 488,500 new tech jobs, there’ll be 12% growth in tech employment – states Modis. From data scientists to data security pros, the battle for the best in IT talent will wage this 2018. With the number of opportunities available for talented professionals with the right skills in emerging technology domains like Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI, job seekers and techies with the right skill sets will be in demand.

Though job seekers offer an array of technical skills, employers typically look for a more balanced employee who possesses relevant skills that are not readily apparent on a resume. Let’s look at some of the most promising tech jobs and most in-demand skill sets this 2018.

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1. Software Engineering Manager

Median Base Salary – Rs. 2,478,310
A Software Engineering Manager is responsible for assembling a team of software engineers that can work quickly and successfully on software products. He plans, directs, coordinates all the activities associated and decides on the procedures, policies, and/or any technical issues.
Skill Sets Required
Expertise in core programming language, logical and structured thinking, and an extreme eye for detailing.

2. Technical Program Manager (TPM)

Median Base Salary – Rs. 2,159,798
TPMs typically handles all aspects of technical projects for their organization. They initiate programs, keeps a track of its progress, and serve as supports in case of technical issues.
Skill Sets Required
Similar work experience in a technical position is helpful to flourish in this position. TPMs must also be problem solvers with excellent leadership skills who can motivate the employees to reach all company objectives.

3. Solutions Architect

Median Base Salary – Rs. 1,561,422
Solutions Architects are responsible for designing, building and implementing arrangements within an enterprise. Solution architects play an important role in ensuring that the solution architecture aligns with the roadmaps established by the enterprise architecture and that it adheres to the enterprise architecture principles.
Skill Sets Required
The skills that made this IT profile the most promising one are Application Integration, Enterprise Solutions, and Software Architecture. They also need soft skills like high concentration level, creativity, and leadership, as well as good problem-solving skills and not to mention extensive knowledge of computers and software.

4. Data Engineer

Median Base Salary – Rs. 784,713
Data Engineers develop, construct, test and maintain databases, architectures for large-scale data processing systems. A data engineer primarily builds a massive reservoir for big data. He not only builds high-performance algorithms, prototypes, predictive models and concept proofs but also researches for new data acquisition and new users for existing data.
Skill Sets Required
Required technical skills includes Statistical analysis and modeling, Database architectures, Hadoop-based technologies (e.g. MapReduce, Hive and Pig), SQL-based technologies (e.g. PostgreSQL and MySQL), NoSQL technologies (e.g. Cassandra and MongoDB), Data modeling tools (e.g. Erwin, Enterprise Architect and Visio), Python, C/C++ Java, Perl, MatLab, SAS, R, Data warehousing solutions, Predictive modeling, NLP and text analysis, Machine learning, Data mining, UNIX, Linux, Solaris and MS Windows.

5. Machine Learning Engineer

Median Base Salary – Rs. 750,000
Great skill set in Machine Learning is directly proportional to high pay for this job. A Machine Learning Engineer uses ML frameworks to develop, test, and produce environments to create and deploy new technologies. He is responsible for creating ML algorithms to optimize and deliver results by reducing computational complexity and to develop data pipelines to improve the data quality.

6. DevOps Engineer

Median Base Salary – Rs. 666,232
Development operations (DevOps) engineers are responsible for the production and ongoing maintenance of a website platform and research new technologies to improve efficiency and effectiveness. The goal of DevOps is to change and improve the relationship by advocating better communication and collaboration between the two business units.

Skill Sets Required
Skills in Security training, Testing, and broad understanding of tools and technologies like Source Control (Git, Svn, Bitbucket, VSTS etc.), Continuous Integration (Bamboo, VSTS, Jenkins), Infrastructure Automation ( Chef, Puppet, Ansible), Deployment Automation & Orchestration (Octopus Deploy etc.), Container Concepts (Docker, LXD), and Clouds like Azure, google cloud, AWS, OpenStack.

7. Data Scientist

Median Base Salary – Rs. 620,244
IT data scientists mines into complex data to provide business alleged advice to the organization. This data mining involves designing and building fresh data sets processes for modeling and production purposes. Data scientists are becoming key components in almost all the major sectors like healthcare, finance, banking, IT. Companies will be investing on a big scale in talent acquisition in this field.
Skill Sets Required
The highest paying skills associated with this job are Data Mining / Data Warehouse, Machine Learning, Java, Apache Hadoop, and Python.


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