Advantages of Live Virtual Classroom Training

Education has evolved a lot with time and so has the learning and development industry — from the blackboard to the computer-operated projector screen, from the volumes of textbooks to the internet, from the traditional classroom to the personalized virtual classroom. In many ways, the evolution of a live virtual classroom has transcended the natural boundaries that existed in the field of learning and development. This has set the stage for a more personal and interactive learning experience.

What is a Virtual Classroom?

In simple terms, a virtual classroom is a medium that makes e-learning possible. This training system is modeled after traditional online educational models, but with extra virtual access. A virtual classroom training model provides trainees with remote access to all learning materials, research data, tests, assessments, and external sources, including corporate databases and R&D departments. The primary goal of Live Virtual Training is to provide the trainees, around the world, with more options when taking training, without the need for travel or waiting on locally scheduled courses. Virtual classrooms have emerged as one of the most important tools for corporate training programs today and are frequently used as part of an organization’s employee engagement policies.

Benefits of Live Virtual Classroom Training

The flexibility of a virtual classroom offers a more versatile training system for corporate personnel, most of whom are often short on time and resources to attend extended training programs. Virtual/Online classrooms allow trainees to choose how they are to be trained, which in turn translates to more personalized learning modules, resulting in higher rates of employee engagements among corporate organizations.

Benefits to Learners

  • Convenient – Requires no travel. Virtual classroom gives access to learning at the workplace via the Internet.
  • Support – The training modules are built in a way to provide all the support needed to complete the courses.
  • Interactive Learning Experience – The instructor-led methodology presents a highly interactive, two-way learning experience.
  • Flexible – Enables access to course materials, anytime, anywhere.

Benefits to Employers

  • Budget-friendly – The innovative learning methods implemented by live virtual classroom training enable more engagement within less budget and resources.
  • Less time spent away from work – Since training is undertaken in virtual classroom environments, it does not require the participants to stay away from their workplaces and can happen wherever they have the access to the internet.
  • Flexibility – Training schedule can be planned to suit to the requirements of the business and the personnel, fitting in around work patterns.
  • Cost saving – Virtual classroom training does not incur any travel or overnight accommodation costs.

Instructor-led virtual classroom training has certainly emerged as the new way of learning. And it is definitely going to rule the learning and development function for quite some time in the near future.

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