An Overview Of Power BI

Owned by Microsoft, Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence service that is used for converting raw data into valuable insights with the help of tables and intuitive visualizations. This enables easy data analysis and also aids decision making. 

In Power BI, you can find a collection of data visualization and business intelligence tools including software services, data connectors, and apps.  The imported datasets in Power BI can be used for data analysis and visualizations by making apps, shareable reports and dashboards. A very user-friendly tool, Power BI offers drag-and-drop features and self-service capabilities. It can be deployed both on-cloud platforms and on-premise. 

Power BI – Advantages & Disadvantages

Some of the advantages of Power BI are:


One of the major advantages of Power BI in data visualization and analysis is its affordability. Do you know the desktop version of Power BI is actually free? After you download it, you can start employing it for making dashboards and reports on your PC. If you want to use other services of Power BI, and upload your reports on the cloud, you have to spend $9.99 per month for each user for  the Power BI Cloud service solution. This actually inexpensive as compared to other BI tools. 

Quick Updates

Constant upgrades for Power BI are sent by Microsoft frequently. Microsoft has also developed a user community where the users are able to post their suggestions about Power BI. If a particular suggestion gets more rating, there is a chance that it might get included in the next Power BI upgrade. Each time a new update comes, the user is notified and they can easily download it.

Interactive Visualizations

The visualizations offered by Power BI are intuitive, interactive and attractive. It has many features like drag and drop functionality and promotes interactive visualizations by making selections and applying filters. Using Power BI visualizations, users can easily understand and create data. 

Custom Visualizations

You can also find a large variety of custom visualizations. Custom visualizations are those that are created by the developers for a particular cause. Custom visuals can be found in the Microsoft marketplace. The custom visualizations in Power BI including maps, R script visuals, graphs, KPI’s and the like can be used in your dashboards and reports. 

Quick Insights

Developed in conjunction with Microsoft research, this feature is intended to support advanced analytical algorithms. With this feature, users are offered a new and intuitive way to look for insights from the data. They can identify meaningful insights from various data subsets  while they apply advanced algorithms. A single click is only required for the user to gain better visibility to data insights within a stipulated amount of time. 

Cohort Analysis & Segmentation

As you might know, Cohort analysis and Segmentation is one of the best ways to discover the relationship between data sets. What happens in this process is that different data sets are combined or broken down into a single meaningful cluster. The clusters are then compared to find out the relationship between data sets. With this feature, you can develop a hypothesis of the business data that is available or get a deep understanding of the requirements to help in further analysis. Features like clustering, binning and grouping are some of the powerful features of Powder BI that enables users to take this process ahead.

Disadvantages Of Power BI

Some of the disadvantages of Power BI are:

Difficult to Understand

If you are using Power BI just to create reports and import data, then it is the easiest BI tool. However if you need it for more than that, there is a need for you to gain a deep understanding of tools including Power BI Services, Power BI Report Server, and Gateways.

Crowded User Interface

Users often find Power BI interface crowded and not efficient. They report that there are too many icons that block their view of dashboard and report. They also express that they would like fewer options and icons so that the report canvas or the user interface is clearer. 

Table Relationships

Users report that when they want to manage simple relationship between tables in a data model, Power BI is very effective. However, it is ineffective when it has to handle more than one links between the tables or when the relationships between tables are more complex. In this scenario, users are required to create a data model that has more distinct fields so as not to confuse Power BI. 

Visuals Configuration 

In Power BI, users have limited options to configure their visualizations as per their requirements. 


Now that you have understood the pros and cons of Power BI, you know how invaluable Power BI is despite its few shortcomings. Check out our trending Analyzing Data With Power BI training, an in-demand course offered by Microsoft. As you know Microsoft training and certifications are globally one of the most sought over. Getting certified would give you the edge you need to trump over your competition.

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