Automated Content Creation: A Lifeline for Content Developers

The success of eLearning depends largely on learner engagement. Content quality and presentation play a vital role in making that happen. Quite reasonably then a content developer invests a substantial amount of time researching, planning, designing and testing the creative roadmap and content to create maximum learning impact. However, there is no guarantee of the potency and acceptance of the creative product.

Resultantly, more content developers are focusing on identifying innovative solutions that offer the ability to move away from long hours spent on content development. An emerging trend in the world of eLearning technologies is making this possible. Automated Course Authoring tools through content automation speed up the process of developing training content while giving the developer complete control over quality.

The Way It Works

An algorithm goes through the course content, extracts the most important information and based on what the developer needs, automatically creates learning collateral for the end user. Since no programming skills are needed, all content developers can use this effortlessly. Most, popular LMS in the market today, already come equipped with the tools to automate content creation.

A Friend to All Content Developers

The use of Automated Course Authoring tools allows for resource and time-saving. With the myriad of tasks that can be assigned to this tool, a content developer can focus on other aspects of content development and ensure high quality of overall training. Below are a handful of popular uses:

Tests and Recaps: This tool can quickly create quizzes for testing knowledge at the end of a module. It can also be used to create summaries or key takeaways at the end of sessions.

Variety of Content-Type: Since an algorithm does all the work in the background, there is a mixed bag of content types that content developers can wield to make engrossing learning sessions with minimal effort. For example, using a game to test learner knowledge is possible through this tool. Mixing various media styles – images and animation keep the training sessions fun.

Personalization: As content creation becomes faster, so does personalization. Customizing learning content to the learner’s specification will never go out of style in eLearning. In fact, it is gaining popularity even more. Incorporating learner feedback along with more content become as simple as a mouse click with the Automatic Course Authoring Tool.

Reduces Learning Barriers: This is especially true in the context of corporate training , an employee does not want to go through an entire training but only focuses on a specific module. The reason could be lack of time or prior training this tool, you can quickly create the module the learner wants training on without spending days on it.

Automatic Authoring Tools, through their functionality, keep learners enthralled. A variety of content styles like gamification and microlearning are bound to keep the learners gripped longer and see training as captivating rather than a mandatory task to be finished.

Of course, not all training can be automated. Trainings like compliance and those requiring practical sessions cannot be automated. A content developer is the best judge of how best to incorporate automation elements to the training modules.

We see Automatic Course Authoring as an intelligent technological assistant to a content developer. The content developer still needs to use creative ideation to plan the training but this tool will help to make the concept entertaining. The popularity of eLearning rides on ongoing innovation in content creation and delivery while keeping design costs low. This tool checks out positively on all these fronts. That being said, the adoption of this progressive tool is still in its infancy. This new trend is however recognized as one of the most popular trends emerging in 2016 and is slated to see higher adoption in the years to come.

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