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5 Top Industries for Data Scientists

You are a data scientist and you have every required skill to analyze a value out of data. You have knowledge of Machine learning, Data munging, Data visualization & communication, and basic tools and statistics, but you don’t know what type of industries or markets you want to look out for or what type job role will suit you, then you are probably at the right place. In this post, we will be discussing various types of industries where the application of data science is highly blooming.

Data Science Latest Posts

Data Science and Analytics in the Gaming Industry

With consumers spending more time than ever on games, the gaming companies became an important part of the global entertainment industry. These companies are the champions of interactive entertainment as they are outstanding at stimulating social, creative, and sharing behavior. The global gaming market will reach $115.8 billion in 2018 with mobile taking 45%, states Newzoo in its Global Games Market Report.

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Webinar on Careers in Data Sciences: Becoming a Better Data Scientist

Kiran R, Director, Data Sciences & Advanced Analytics at VMware, conducted a webinar with SpringPeople, where he covered all about Data Sciences and it’s career prospective.

In this LIVE Online Knowledge session, Kiran shared his expertise and in-depth understanding of Data Sciences which he has gained from his vast experiences while working in some of the major tech houses like Dell, Amazon, Flipkart and VMware.