Data Science

Top Differences Between BI Analyst and Data Scientist

Thomas Davenport’s book, “Competing on Analysis: The New Science of Winning ” was the first of its kind to spread awareness among organizations about the business potential of the analytics. And, today competitive business, data science and business analysis are very closely linked. They form the base of the organization integrally and help in business […]


Skills Gap: Data Science

In the recent years, Data Science has created a hyperbole around itself while the jobs related to it have become equally pompous. In 2012, Harvard Business Review has named Data Scientist as the “sexiest job title of the 21st century” and since then the aura has not faded. Data is driving all industries today; from […]


Data Science – How The World Is Changing!

To hear for the first time, data science sounds like just another buzzword of the tech world; a jargon too abstract and poorly defined. While data can both be complex and ill-defined but data science is anything but a buzzword. Data science is an interdisciplinary field of technological specialization about processes and systems to extract […]