Certifications and Certified Programs: Adding Values to Careers

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Being part of a training providing company, I am constantly asked from interested participants about the value of a certified program or a certification and I usually end up answering: Certification and Certified Programs definitely add value to your careers.

I often wondered how I end up with the same answer. This call to understand the reasons for my answer was very strong and this drove me to analyze the factors influencing the same conclusion. Thereby, this blog presents these points in brief.

For a start, lets first define these two terms:

Certification: It is an official of approval by the issuing organization to validate an individuals capabilities with respect to specific competencies. However, it does not indicate that an individual is capable of unlimited process improvement just that they have completed the necessary requirements from the company granting the certification.

Certified Program: It is delivered by approved Instructor/Instructions with the help of the Intellectual Property of the approving company. It is important to note that not all certified program have certification associated with it.

With that being said, now let’s further understand the need for a certification and certified program.

Need For certification: 1. Hiring Advantages Over Non-Certified Professionals: Certification can help the individual stand out from non-certified candidates. 1. Higher Earning Potential: Certified individuals usually earn more money than their non-certified peers. 1. Increased Performance: Certification has a positive impact on improving organizational performance. 1. Boosting Confidence/ Credibility: Certificate to show off technical expertise 1. Help Your Company Increase Business: Having certification to back up work experience can be crucial in getting new clients

Need for a certified program: 1. Address Knowledge and Skill Gaps: A certified program not only teach you something new but also teach you the best practices in the industry 1. Your Employer May Pay For a Certified Program: Many companies support training and certifications for their employees to help support career growth and because of the value it brings to the organization. 1. Networking and Exclusive Community Benefits: Through classes, online forums, networking sites, and technical conferences you can engage with others to share knowledge.

Overall, I’d like to summarize the answer that certification/certified program certainly add value to careers but as part of a well-rounded package of credentials. Being certified alone isn’t going to be particularly impressive but when certification accompanied with work experience, you can give yourself a leg up.

And finally, it can be noted there’s something about the word certified when it precedes a professional title that conveys to consumers and employers a sense of trust, credibility, knowledge and an official stamp of approval.

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