Cloud Computing: The Preface

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We just had a fantastic office party a few weeks back; evening breeze cooling off otherwise balmy day’s tiredness on the SpringPeople office terrace, fantastic team participation and most importantly the never-ending flow of food and drinks. Well, you must be thinking, “Is this a technical study of cloud computing or some mindless saga of personal experience (?)” about which you care the least. But hold on, somehow while thinking of cloud computing the first thought that came in my mind is that office party – the on-demand resources that made this party such a success like say the dinner menu – a spread of fifteen dishes ranging from continental to oriental and of course Indian, keeping in mind everyone’s food preference.

Enough of the party details; let me come to the topic before you stop reading and promise never to visit this blog in future. Cloud computing is a similar on-demand consumption of resource as a utility by an organization, without any physical procession or maintenance of an in-house computing infrastructure. Any organization is made of people who work for several departments, sometimes a complex labyrinth of verticals that have unique and common functions. Maintaining an in-house IT infrastructure for such diverse computing needs can be complex and often a massive financial commitment. An organization can focus to drive their key business objective without getting too much bothered about its computing needs like we spend all our time in clicking selfies and uploading them to social networks without getting worried about the pasta or the tandoori roti.

The above illustration shows five essential characteristics of Cloud computing defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

For this preface, lets just say Cloud computing is the probably the most cost-effective, highly reliable, immensely scalable and a secure solution to any computing need. If you are not happy with this then please visit for a more detailed study.

Some avid learners, who are keen to know how we at SpringPeople are bringing some of the best tech gurus to share their Cloud computing knowledge, may visit our course on Cloud Computing and get a good understanding of the important aspects of cloud, the tooling used, and how to engineer applications to work in the cloud.

We have not even scratched the surface to this huge topic yet! Keep reading the future updates about the service models, architecture, deployment types and some cutting-edge technologies that will define the future course of Cloud computing.

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