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Under SpringPeople’s Connect L&D initiative, a Workshop on “Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence For Personal & Organisational Effectiveness” was conducted on 12th of Oct, 2018. Facilitated by Nikhil Chadha, Founder, Mindwize & Co-Founder, Mindfulness Center of Excellence, this exclusive session of Mindful lunch and hands-on Mindfulness Workshop was attended by L&Ds from various fields and was a huge success.

It’s a proven fact that a workforce with a better IQ is an asset for any organization but equally true is the fact that a better Emotional Intelligence (EI) can boost overall organizational effectiveness. This workshop was all about how an L&D can implement the principles & concepts of mindfulness and EI to achieve organization-wide success.

The session started with Nikhil shedding light into the neuroscience of routine experiences. He highlighted how there are certain uniformity and diversity among people towards the same stimuli. The reason behind this lies in the evolution of the brain. Decoding this, understanding the workings of the mind will guide a person towards more constructive behavior.

In the next half of the session, Nikhil explained the evolution of the concepts, EI and mindfulness in the organizational space. The role of mindfulness in the private space, deeper social relationships and in the workspace was deliberated upon with suitable examples on how to implement it effectively. The speaker also conducted experiential activities to illustrate the effectiveness of meditation, empathetic and non-violent communication for an organization and the different ways in which an organization can leverage it to enhance the workplace environment.

The session concluded with the speaker highlighting why there is a critical need for a cultural and approach shift in workplaces, learning interventions, managing teams, and leadership. The ways in which it can be incorporated effectively was also discussed during the workshop.

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