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Flipkart is the poster boy of Indian e-commerce – valued at over $12 billion, Flipkart is targeting to double the gross merchandise value (GMV) of products it sells to $8 billion by the end of this year! This breaks down to over 26 million registered users, clocking over eight million daily visits – clearly, these are massive transaction volumes and sales + operational information that Flipkart technology teams handle every day!

We all know the opportunity, as well as the challenge big-data poses to businesses today: 3-Billion GB data is being generated everyday and flowing in and out of systems all the time all over the world! If a business can understand and exploit this information, they have deep insights into their customers, competition and market – not an opportunity to be missed! The challenge though is how can one manage this data and how quickly can one generate useful and even more importantly, actionable information out of this huge incoming stream of data.

To our rescue comes the rockstar of the big data analysis – Elasticsearch: it’s open-source, blazingly fast and combines the power of other tools like Kibana to make sense of data – reasons why Elasticsearch is growing in popularity every day (over half a million downloads a month!) – no surprises as to why Flipkart technical team is exploring Elasticsearch to take advantage of technology for the business; Flipkart is having their technical team ramping up fast on the the Elasticsearch technology and associated best-practices.

SpringPeople, certified training delivery partner for Elasticsearch in India have been engaged with Flipkart recently to get their team enabled on the technology – through certified Elasticsearch training courses – these training courses have been created by the developers of the technology themselves and are arguably, the quickest and best way to get hands on with Elasticsearch.

As master certified training delivery partner for Elasticsearch, SpringPeople bring their immensely popular training courses to the developer community and businesses in India. Find out more here Elasticsearch Training and register for our upcoming training programs on Elasticsearch.

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Founded in 2009, SpringPeople is a global corporate training provider for high-end and emerging technologies, methodologies and products. As master partner for Pivotal / SpringSource, Elasticsearch, Typesafe, EMC, VMware, MuleSoft and Hortonworks, SpringPeople brings authentic, Certified training, designed and developed by the people who created the technology, to Corporates and Development/IT Professionals community in India. This makes SpringPeople an exclusive master certified training delivery wing, and one of the hand-picked few global partners, of these organizations - delivering their immensely popular, high-quality Certified training courses in India – for a fraction of what it costs globally.

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