H-1B Visa Rules will not Affect Indian IT: Nasscom

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US resumes fast processing of some H-1B visa categories. Nasscom, the Trade Association of IT & BPO, stated that, decision to resume H-1B visa premium processing for specific domains will not lay any impact on the IT sector.

Shivendra Singh, Spokesperson for Nasscom, said to Economic Times, “As of now, the premium processing of H-1B is being resumed for certain cap-exempt cases like higher education, not-for profit companies and the likes. Our member companies do not apply for this visa…. Although this would not have any impact on the sector, we see this as a good sign of progress being made by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in restoring premium processing for everyone.”

US companies hire employees from outside their country only if they have this non-immigrant visa, H-1B. It was temporarily suspended after US President, Donald Trump signed an executive order in April.

It’s also rumoured that the industry body Nasscom spent a fortune to lobby against H1B Visa Scrapping. If documents from US Senate to be believed, Nasscom paid $ 150,000 in the first quarter of 2017, which is a $ 40,000 increase from the previous quarter.

Nasscom paid two lobbying firms Lande-Group and Wexler & Walker, a branch of Hill and Knowlton Strategies, LLC., to dissuade the US administration from scrapping the H1B visa program.

After H-1B Visa, it’s Start-up Visa

After H1B Visa, Donald Trump wants to block ‘Startup Visas’. Trump wants to abrogate Startup Visas which is nothing but a program initiated during Obama-era.

As per this scheme, non US citizens whose companies raised capital from American investors or government can stay in the U.S for a renewable 30 month term.

In response to this proposal, Steve Case, Founder of America Online, and Chief Executive Officer of the Revolution LLC investment fund, tweeted, “Big mistake, Immigrant entrepreneurs are job makers, not job takers.”

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