IT Security Expert– Importance and Careers in Today’s Market

In the world of information technology, security refers to the techniques used to ensure that the data stored in a computer is neither breached not compromised by unauthorized individuals. Security also refers to the techniques used to protect data from unexpected error occurring due to a fault in the infrastructure.

A recent study by Intel Security Research says that a major shortage in cybersecurity is putting the key global markets directly at risk. It teamed up with the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) to interview about 700 IT experts in the US, UK, Japan, Australia, Mexico, France, Germany and Israel and found that 82% of the respondents admitted the shortage of security skills. On the other hand, about 71% of them agreed that the lack of skilled security labour has led to direct damage of most of the organizations for it has become the most vulnerable point of attack for hackers.

These days, the industries and countries which spend more on security systems are placed at a better place to deal with the skills crisis. Additionally, good training, growth opportunities and the organization’s reputation can attract the best talent in the industry. Hence, there is a wide scope in the field of security in the near future.

We at SpringPeople endeavour to educate you with the most relevant learning paths to enhance your skills so as to combat problems related to security. Some of the courses are listed under:

  • AWS Security: This course is meant for developers and architects responsible for setting up AWS infrastructure. Post completion of this course, the trainees will be able to secure cloud infrastructure of their company, do basic security testing on cloud infrastructure and learn more security tactics.
  • Cloud Security: This two days course is recommended for developers and architects who have basic knowledge of firewalls, security fundamentals and identity management.
  • Securing Java Applications: This course is for experienced Java developers and architects who wish to secure those applications and apply best practices in terms of secure enterprise coding.
  • RSA Certified Security Courses: There are various certification courses from RSA with regards to Analytics, Administration and Logs. The developers and architects who are familiar with basics of networking fundamentals and security concepts.
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