JavaScript or jQuery – Which “J” should I go for, in Web Development?

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According to a recent study, the role of a web developer is becoming crucial day by day in this decade. With the emergence of different libraries like HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, etc there is a chaos constantly building between professionals. In order to become a web development guru, a professional is expected to have a strong working knowledge of both the languages.

JavaScript or jQuery – Which is better for me?

Although JavaScript has surpassed other scripting and mark up languages in web development, it continues to be a complex form of programming language designed for browsers. jQuery is however is a more preferable language for developers these days, because of its simple syntaxes and functions.

Using JavaScript or jQuery in web development is a debatable topic. Although there are valid reasons for this, but there is not correct answer when it comes to their appropriateness in web development. Most of the developers believe that jQuery is better in web development projects but the importance of JavaScript cannot be ignored either. The reason being the enforcement of JavaScript usage in all web browsers, which saves a lot of time developer’s time and frustration while attempting to debug a script. So, it is highly advisable for novice professionals to learn both for a sustainable career.

With a good knowledge of JavaScript, one can become a web developer with different roles such as a Front End Developer, Back End Developer or Full Stack Developer drawing an average annual salary of Rs. 450,000. However, the salary may vary based upon experience and roles like PHP development, HTML, CSS, etc.

Biggest Difference

Unlike jQuery, JavaScript tends to slow down a project completion time through complex coding lines, involving loops, data structures and functions that affect the Document Object Model (DOM). jQuery is optimized to work with various browsers automatically but JavaScript still has few issues with cross browser compatibility because of poor JavaScript implementation processes by developers these days. JavaScript is a programming language, whereas jQuery is a library. However, jQuery is a part of JavaScript.

SpringPeople delivers short term training in both the languages to professionals having a good background in web development tactics.

Professionals who want to learn more about jQuery and become a UI/UX designer can go for jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile. They are expected to have basic JavaScripting, HTML 4/xHTML, jQuery and DOM scripting. However, those who hail from strong HTML, CSS and JavaScript backgrounds can go for JavaScript Deep Dive to learn more advance techniques in web development.

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