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Tamyka Washington, an American entrepreneur once said, “”Change is necessary for growth.”” This is indeed true when it comes to growing business in today’s world of cut-throat competition. It is inevitable and it is the only thing that sustains. MuleSoft, the world’s leading integration platform provider realized this need for change and came forward to provide an exceptional business agility to both large and small scale companies. It has thus released few long awaited technological updates which could help the Mule integration engineers gain a detailed insight on the latest industry standards.

Let us discuss them in detail.

  1. Learn how to design APIs with Anypoint platform – Live Online

Anypoint Platform Development – API Design will be a live instructor-led training course meant for API developers and designers. They can get hands-on experience designing APIs with RAML and Anypoint Platform. This course focuses majorly on:

  • Application Programming eXperience (APX)and REST concepts
  • Using API designer and design API with RAML
  • Exposing an API with API portal
  • Testing APIs using API Console and API Notebook

Although no prerequisites are required for this course but candidates are expected to have an elementary knowledge of API designing. It also provides a voucher to take the MuleSoft Certified Developer (MCD)- API Design Associate Exam.

2.  Learn about  CloudHub Operations – Live Online

This course is meant for all administration and operations personnel, architects and developers who want to gain hands-on experience in Mule application management in the cloud. Post training, the candidates will learn about:

  • Load balancing configuration and high availability options for Mule applications
  • Mule application management and monitoring with CloudHub
  • monitoring and analyzing Mule applications that are deployed to CloudHub
  • Configuring and managing secure Mule applications deployed to CloudHub
  • Automating CloudHub administrative tasks using CloudHub REST API

Candidates going for this course are expected to have knowledge of system administration and commands, understanding of data formats like XML, CSV and JSON, and typical integration technologies like JDBC, JMS, HTTP, REST, and SOAP.

There will be a live online instructor-led class and the trainees will be certified by MuleSoft.

 3.  Advanced Anypoint Platform Development Program

 The duration of this course is 3-4 days and is meant for developers and architects who are interested in advancing their application development skills beyond courses like Anypoint Platform Development – Fundamentals and MuleSoft.U Development Fundamentals.

Post training, the candidates will master the skills in:

  • MuleSoft project management with Maven
  • Continuous integration and using test-driven development with MUnit
  • Custom elements development
  • Working with state
  • Implementing design patterns and tuning app performance
  • Securing communication with SSL

Candidates who choose to go for this course are expected to have completed Anypoint Platform Development – Fundamentals course, the self-paced MuleSoft.U Development Fundamentals course, or have gained equivalent knowledge from more than 6 months of experience with MCD – Integration and API Associate exam. Candidates with experience in Java or any other object-oriented languages and/or the ability to navigate the command line interface (CLI) are also ideal to go for this course.

4.  Anypoint Connector Development – Live Online

This is a short term instructor-led course meant for developers to get hands-on experience creating an Anypoint Connector with DevKit plugin. Post training, the candidates will be able to:

  • Use Anypoint Studio with Anypoint DevKit plugin to create an Anypoint Connector
  • Write functional tests in Mule and create connector documentation
  • Use connector in a Mule project
  • Install connectors using command-line and DevKit plugin
  • Generate an update site and link project to source control management

Candidates attending this course must complete Anypoint Platform Essentials course and MuleSoft.U Developer course, or possess equivalent knowledge. Professionals with a strong background in Java are also ideal to go for this course.

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