SpringPeople Supports Net Neutrality. What About You?

Are you still wondering that what Net Neutrality is? Before you assume it to be too technical to get your attention, I will explain you that how important it is for everyone who uses internet.

About Net Neutrality

Everything on internet is equally accessible at equal speed at the speed depending on your package. You have every right to use your internet in any possible way that you want. But the telecom operators in India want to change that. They approached TRAI to allow them to throttle or retard speed of specific websites based on how much how the website owner pays to these telecom operators, or how much the user is ready to pay to visit these websites.

They are coming up with internet plans in which a customer will have to pay extra money if they want to visit certain parts of internet. E.g. Customers will have to pay extra amount if they want to access any particular website or app like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc.

Internet connection will be slowed down for customers who will refuse to pay that extra amount so that they find it difficult to use the website without paying extra money.

The worst part is that small companies who cannot afford to pay telecom companies will suffer huge drops in web-visitors while the bigger companies will get all the benefits by providing their websites and apps for free.

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