Should L&D Focus on its Own L&D?

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There has never been such an exciting time to work as an L&D professional than this decade. As organizations are increasingly realizing the impact of learning and training programs on the bottom-line, L&Ds are finally garnering the importance that has been due since long. Today, Enterprises and individuals operate in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment. Learning & Development Managers play a significant role in supporting them but only if they themselves are well equipped to operate in the VUCA world. How can L&Ds function more effectively? How can they adapt and as well as be adept at dealing with the changes? Finally, is there a need for an L&D for an L&D?

The following infographic will address these questions and detail how L&D roles can be organized and equipped for change with the help of L&D

Should L&D Focus on its Own L&D?

As you can see clearly, the days of addressing organizational demand by merely filling out LMS with the content of an L&Ds choice is long gone. This model was effective for a bygone era when the business learning requirement was static. In today’s world, change is the only thing that is constant and as L&Ds are responsible for delivering to this, they need to be first equipped to deal with the changes. As illustrated above, business, as well as L&D professionals themselves, need to focus on instilling a learning culture in L&D professionals.

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