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We pulled all-nighters and weekend shifts. Deliberated over crucial customer input and went through cartons of coffee. And the madness has paid off! We are thrilled to announce the relaunch of a customer-friendly, streamlined SpringPeople website. Our online portal comes loaded with new functionality and features (more on that ahead) and is faster than ever before.

Our website makeover is already receiving applause but we are being asked, Why the change? We liked what we had but we wanted to elevate end-user experience. It made sense to have a simpler interface with swift content accessibility. We also had our minds set on an optimally informative layout that could adapt to all viewing platforms.

Furthermore, our customers had previously offered valuable input about website usability and we saw an opportunity to improve their experience. Together, these reasons drove us to sharpen things up and the results are impressive, indeed!

The crisp, revamped SpringPeople website is a “One-Click” world in itself. Don’t be fooled by the clean interface though; it has a lot to offer than what meets the eye.

  • It’s a One- Click World! Quite literally, everything you need is pretty much one click away. We organized content to offer quick access to all desired information which saves users from painful content hunt. A useful search bar on every page promptly serves responds to customer queries.
  • Intuitive Design for complete control. Once a professional gets on our website, they instinctively know where to go. It is that easy. There are no complicated sub-menus. All essentials are found in the menu options, which stay handy on every page. The website design has been test-driven by target users, trainers and designers so be assured of easy browsing.
  • We now cater to all! We understand that Individuals, Retail and Corporates have varied training requirements. We made things simpler by adding a bright green button for Individual or Corporate view. Each view shows dedicated offerings most suited to the end user. The process is the same just more streamlined and customer-focused.
  • Light-weight design that is akin to spreading butter on hot toast. No more getting coffee while the desired page loads. You click and are down to business!
  • The Training Calendar is just a click away from the landing page. The upcoming training sessions are organized in an easy-to-read layout. All critical information – dates, seat availability, duration – are right there. Click to view updated Training Calendar.
  • Course Catalogues – refreshed and rebooted! The previous offerings are still available and we added a few new entries (Go seek!). As the industry evolves, we want to offer cutting-edge trainings to help advance careers and businesses. Check out the Course Catalogue!

What Stayed? What’s Better?

While we changed quite a bit, we didn’t change it all. We did, however, magnify the user-experience. For instance, the course description pages are the same yet brimming with more information now. From trainer tidings to course details, it’s all available in one frame. Users will certainly experience smoother course registrations on our feather-weight website. See a sample course page below:

The location offerings stand unchanged online sessions and location based – for the benefit of professionals across India. Our sessions continue to be sold out in prominent cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and so on. We offer demand based sessions in smaller cities if we have enough participants or are contacted for a corporate training session.

The changes have clearly been welcomed by the industry. Since the refurbish, we have seen more IT Professionals, Software Engineers, and Architects signing up for courses. Job seekers and Job Shifters are also turning to the new SpringPeople website to further their careers and raise hiring potentials. We are counting milestones and often experience proud moments when our website design is used as a benchmark for similar businesses (Don’t take our word for it. Click here!).

Quite evidently, the SpringPeople website overhaul is turning out to be positive for our customers, training partners and entire team. We welcome feedback on this new and enhanced surfing experience. Be assured, we believe in Kaizenâ the improvements shall go on!

About SpringPeople

Founded in 2009, SpringPeople is a global corporate training provider for high-end and emerging technologies, methodologies and products. As master partner for Pivotal / SpringSource, Elasticsearch, Typesafe, EMC, VMware, MuleSoft and Hortonworks, SpringPeople brings authentic, Certified training, designed and developed by the people who created the technology, to Corporates and Development/IT Professionals community in India. This makes SpringPeople an exclusive master certified training delivery wing, and one of the hand-picked few global partners, of these organizations - delivering their immensely popular, high-quality Certified training courses in India – for a fraction of what it costs globally.

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