Top 10 Skills to Acquire in 2017

As we entered 2017 and passed a quarter of the new year, one thing you may have noticed is the increasing demand for skilled workers in an ever-expanding job market. The IT labor market is always changing as technology keeps on evolving with every passing day. Therefore, IT professionals need to keep up with the changing skills demands to remain relevant in the industry.

In 2016, the corporate job scenario was pretty much different. Most of the top skills in demand included customer care, marketing, and project management. However,  the recruitment landscape has transformed a lot in 2017 and some new tech skills have emerged to push away the previous chartbusters and glammed up the new trending list.

Thanks to LinkedIn, that have done a comprehensive study and come up with a list of tech skills that are hot this year. These skills can be a deal maker or a deal breaker for you to land a rewarding job or just to stay competitive in your current job.

Here, we have enlisted the top 10 skills for 2017 that can help you get hired this year.

So, let’s have a look at the top skills for 2017 that are most in-demand:

  • Cloud and Distributed Computing

Being a cutting edge technology, this particular skill has managed to remain high in-demand over the past two years. With every passing year, more and more companies are shifting their computing processes to the cloud. Cloud computing is ruling the charts enlisting top 10 skills for 2017. Enterprises are also preferring distributed computing.

Distributed computing is the application of cloud computing technologies to interconnected data and applications served from multiple geographic locations. It allows multiple computers to network with one another to perform a task. Many of the skills involved with cloud computing and distributed computing are similar and hence, the two are often clubbed together.

  • Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

The world is driven by data. In today’s competitive era, companies derive insights from data to take strategic decisions. Data mining and statistical analysis involve research and digging through piles of data and compiling an analysis which can provide information to drive business growth.

Employers need people with statistical analysis and data mining skills to stay competitive. Businesses value the information that can be collected from data, and hence, the professionals who are skilled at skimming data and collecting important information from it are high in demand.

  • Web Architecture and Development Framework

Presence on the web is essential for any business to grow. The internet is the vehicle that companies use to connect clients, customers, employees, and partners. Therefore, there is no denying that the job of a web developer remains crucial to the IT team and thus web development remains a top skill for 2017.

Web Architecture

Skilled web development professionals, who have the proficiency to craft functional websites that are responsive and user-friendly, are high in demand. With the rising demand and the new job hunting landscape, web development has also become one of the top 10 courses popular among techies.

  • Middleware and Integration Software

Integration middleware refers to the software systems that offer runtime services for integration application execution, communications, monitoring, and operations. Middleware integration specialists provide technical direction (remote or on-site), diagnostic assistance, and solutions to problems associated with integration products.

middleware integration

Often, organizations have complicated programs already existing. As such, they require skilled professionals who have the knowledge and skills to facilitate the integration of the existing programs together, thereby eliminating the need for creating new features or functions for the programs or having to switch to a new software.

  • User Interface Design

User interface design is all about making an application or program more easily accessible for customers. It is designing the part of products that people interact with. This top skill for 2017 is increasingly in demand among employers.

User Interface

Companies need people who are able to design apps or program interfaces that are responsive, user-friendly and at the same time look amazing. According to LinkedIn career expert Catherine Fisher, “data has become central to many products, which has created a need for people with user interface design skills who can make those products easy for customers to use.”

  • Network and Information Security

In the era of cloud computing and data-driven business processes, a robust cyber security infrastructure is mandatory of any organization to prevent safety breaches that can lead to information theft. Security breaches or data theft will lead to the loss of trust of consumers. As a result, cybersecurity is one of the top skills that is always needed.

Network and Information Security

More and more companies are looking to hire people with the skills to ensure that the information that is stored on their computer networks is well-protected. With increasing rate of cyber crimes and the growing scope of cloud computing and the Internet of Things, this skill is expected to go up in importance and necessity in the offing.

  • Mobile Development

The use of smartphones and tablets is continuing to grow and it is not going to slow down in the near future. Mobile development implies building mobile applications for  Apple iOS and Android platforms.

Mobile Development

With more and more customers demanding access on the go and organizations continuing to explore implementing apps and mobile-friendly websites, this skill will be in high demand for the foreseeable future.

  • Data Presentation

Data is everywhere and every company relies on data. Consumers generate data every second, every minute, every hour and businesses need to collate, organize and analyze those data to gain insights. Hence, it is no surprise that data presentation is a top skill for 2017.

Data Presentation

There is an increasing demand for professionals who can organize the collected data and compile it into a comprehensive format so that it is easy for people to understand and review. People with data presentation skill can help provide valuable information to increase the efficiency and revenue of organizations besides helping them improve their products.

  • SEO/SEM Marketing

This year, marketing skills might not have attracted much limelight but it has managed to remain in the list of top skills for 2017. According to LinkedIn, the reason for the decrease in demand for SEO/SEM skills could be the increase in the supply of people with marketing skills which has caught up with the employers’ demand.

Digital Marketing

However, both SEO and SEM rely heavily on content marketing and distribution, and companies need it for visibility on the web. Therefore, this skill is still a top skill to get hired in 2017.

  • Storage Systems and Management

Storage management usually refers to the management of Computer data storage, and it also refers to specific methods or products for storage management. A storage management professional not only manages computer data storage but also manages the data storage system for the entire company.

Storage and Management

Since organizations are becoming more data-driven, they seek professionals who can maintain the company’s data storage so that it can be accessed when needed to review and analyze.

The Concluding Note

Yes, it is tough to land a job in an IT market where the competition is fierce. However, it is always crucial to stay updated and upskilled. If you have any of the top skills of 2017, you are surely going to have a rewarding professional endeavor this year.

Do not forget to mention then in your CV and let the employers know. If you do not possess the aforementioned skills, now is the perfect time to learn. Enroll for our top courses and get noticed.

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