Top 4 Ways To Increase Employee Engagement With Big Data

Big Data is currently the buzzword in IT. It figures among every other compilation made today on top IT technologies.  It is highly unlike that all of us understand Big Data beyond a generic comprehension of it as an IT jargon.

Big Data sets are defined as large volumes of data; both structured and unstructured that is generated every day. These data sets when analyzed can be used as a tool to drive efficiency and performance in organizations. However the power of big data lies not in the sheer amount of data it generates but in the way this information is applied and utilized for their benefit by organizations. When it is evaluated in real time by powerful analytics programs, it yields actionable information. Enterprises use this for various purposes like decision making, streamlining operations, researching and developing products.

Big data can also be used to increase employee engagement which would translate to high productivity. Following are some of the ways to this:

Top 4 Ways To Increase Employee Engagement With Big Data

Performance Analytics

Big data analytics helps the employees to visualize their contribution and participation in the overall enterprise outcome by enabling them to see the connection between the daily work they do and the organization goals. Employees, through the available data can motivate themselves and easily set individual goals.

Organizations can use big data to create individualized career development plan for each employee and also identify workers in need of additional training. In a data driven organisation, every action performed by an employee produces logs that can be accessed by the enterprise leader to review and estimate against the desired performance goal. This type analysis based on big data provides department heads insight into the capabilities of each employee which can be utilized by the organization. Managers can also use this information to set benchmarks for each employee.

Career Growth Tracking

Career Growth tracking benefits both the employee and the employer: the employee can improve on their weaknesses and in turn the employer can make the most of the human capital. Be it professional training within the office or training outside to enhance their skills, employees can use big data to track their career growth via the training and track quarterly and annual progress. This can give the employees a sense of control over their career progress and increase their engagement with the workplace. Using big data, employees can select the area where they think they need improvement and track their performance as well as their peers on that specific area which will motivate the employees to perform more effectively.

Self- directed Career Development

Most employees would like it if their professional shortcoming is pointed out to them in private. Big Data can be utilized by employers for this. In order to do this, the organization needs to implement big data tracking tools and then provide employees access to their performance measurement through an internal job portal or a virtual assistant. This would eliminate the stress resulting from open discussion of the employee’s deficiencies. When this kind of environment is created, employees can feel empowered and in control of the quality of their work. Organizations that practice such policies typically enjoys a high level of employee engagement.

Motivating Numbers

Big data can be used by the employer to generate empirical evidence which will help in effective decision making. As data can come from a multitude of sources, it is critical for the employer to narrow down his scope to few areas. Once the information is generated, these findings should be shared with all including the stakeholders so as to reap the maximum benefit of the report. This way the organization can give the employees the critical data needed to succeed.


As you can see these are some of the ways in which you can use Big Data to increase your employees’ engagement at workplace. Increased employee engagement can spell more productivity and lesser attrition rate. The first step towards this is to gain a deep understanding of big data by enrolling in a big data course.


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