Top 5 Reasons: Why companies should outsource Employee Learning & Development

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The Fact: Business landscapes are transforming every day.

The Reality: Businesses need to keep up and so do employee skills. The skills must be enhanced. Whom do you turn to? Your internal training team! The Training Team sends a member to learn the new skill or pays someone to teach them (online/offline whichever is cheaper). They learn and then they train. So you land up bearing the cost of Training the Trainer and the Employees! How cost-effective is that and how long can you keep doing that considering technologies change faster than seasons?

SpringPeople believes that outsourcing eLearning is the answer to the vicious and expensive cycle described above. Outsourcing eLearning offers multiple advantages to the business beyond those obviously visible. As a leading, global corporate training provider, we have the privilege of handling training for leading national and international organizations. We see them do better as a result of outsourcing and so can you.

  1. Specialized Expertize: This one is obvious and also makes a direct impact on the overall training. Working with an external agency like SpringPeople offers your employees access to specialists in the field who have several years of first-hand experience using the technology. An extended benefit is that your employees are able to relate better talking to someone who has years on them in the industry. Most SpringPeople clients find the training to be thorough and methodically effective.
  2. Human Resources Reinvestment: Outsourcing eLearning/training frees up company Human Resources. The company is able to reduce the training team size, having them focus only on internal training, which they would rather not have outsourced. Employees can be inducted in other teams that need more hands on deck, thereby causing little to no dent financially and filling hiring internally.
  3. Cost Saving: A rather critical consideration in the outsourcing conundrum is the cost. An increasing number of companies are realizing that the cost-per-outsourced training session is definitely cheaper than maintaining an internal training team and an eLearning system. An external training partner is sure to reduce the financial stress that otherwise must be borne for the sake of business development. To give you perspective, as per a Bersin Research (Deloitte) in 2005, a $10K-50K content development project (eLearning) in the US may cost 20-40% less by outsourcing to a company in India. Those numbers were valid a decade ago. Imagine the impact now!
  4. Business Development: Saving costs and liberating human resources allows for organizational focus on another critical aspect, like business development. Outsourced corporate training allow for ideation, planning, implementation and execution of plans. Core competencies can continue being the focal point and strategic challenges can be tackled efficiently. Costs saved are available as capital infusion towards research, sales, or hiring that VP you need for an emerging region.
  5. Effortless Scalability: Training new or temp staff will always be a phone call away. The scheduling hurdle for training becomes a non-issue for a project manager. A dedicated training provider is able to train participants in batches. For example, at SpringPeople, our training calendar gives a complete schedule of upcoming training. So, if you wanted a jQuery training scheduled for 20 people, with few joining a week later than others, we would easily train these 20 professionals in two different training sessions. Your Training coordinator would just need to call us and register. That is the flexibility of outsourced eLearning.

Having said that, we do recommend evaluating the external training provider on Training Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Cost and Reliability. We talk with experience because our 250+ corporate customers trust us when it comes to these factors.

At SpringPeople we take our commitment to clients very seriously. Due to a consistent, customer focused, quality driven performance in the Training Delivery field for seven years, SpringPeople has been certified with ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 10002:2014. We score a consistent 9 on 10 in our Customer Satisfaction surveys. Whether it is an initiative like open-house programs for Corporates or concepts such as Training Lifecycle Management (TLM) or Total Cost Of Learning (TCL), we never stop reinventing ourselves in our commitment to world-class training for corporates.

About SpringPeople

Founded in 2009, SpringPeople is a global corporate training provider for high-end and emerging technologies, methodologies and products. As master partner for Pivotal / SpringSource, Elasticsearch, Typesafe, EMC, VMware, MuleSoft and Hortonworks, SpringPeople brings authentic, Certified training, designed and developed by the people who created the technology, to Corporates and Development/IT Professionals community in India. This makes SpringPeople an exclusive master certified training delivery wing, and one of the hand-picked few global partners, of these organizations - delivering their immensely popular, high-quality Certified training courses in India – for a fraction of what it costs globally.

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