Top 5 Signs to Identify Skills Depreciation in Your Organization

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All technology gradually loses value as it gets older; from mobile phones to laptops to servers to code. Therefore, techies too, need to refresh their skills time to time. As the prancing technology change increases the pace with time, many organizations fall behind, due to lack of resources or interests to embrace changes.

Businesses hire the right people for yesterday’s technology but gradually drift in their way to success as old skills fail to support new code, devices, and frameworks.

A recent study conducted by Salesforce’s, that surveyed over 2,200 CIOs and IT leaders worldwide, has revealed that more than 50% of the companies are encountering skills shortage in app development, data engineering, and IT security.

How To Identify Skills Depreciation?

It is no secret that the IT world is in the midst of a major skills shortage. We all know about the consequences of skills depreciation, which includes the decrease in competitiveness and productivity thereby affecting the organizational growth. However, we seldom discuss the indicators that point towards the skill depreciation in an organization. Identifying the areas where an organization lacks or needs to improve its capabilities is a crucial step in any change effort.

In this blog, we have listed a few ways to identify that your organization is going through a skills slump.

 1.  Testing The Skills of Your Employees

The first and foremost step to identify the skills depreciation in your organization is skill testing. Skill tests are assessment tests used by corporate organizations to judge the suitability of an employee for their organization based on qualified and objective results. Skill testing provides a good benchmark to understand where the employees are.

 2.  Your Technical Equipment and Workforce Are Aging

In today’s fast-paced technological era, a new technology emerges every day. New software or technology requires new equipment and current skills to maintain and run. If your organization relies on old devices and software and does not invest in employee training and development, then there is a high chance that the overall employee skills in your firm may be depreciating.

 3.  Your Employees are Not Sought After by Other Organizations

If your employees are not in demand that definitely indicates some sort of skill deficiency. Mostly, managers do not encourage their employees to be called upon by other companies regarding new job opportunities. However, if your employees are not contacted at least occasionally, the reason may be that they lack the skills that other organizations are looking for.

 4.  Different Teams Within Your Organization Are Hiring Tech Specialists

If others in your organization have started pushing for hiring tech specialists like their own DevOps employees to get things done then it is a clear indicator that skill development needs to be a higher priority in your organization.

 5.  IT Projects Taking Longer Than Estimated

When almost every project takes longer than the estimated time period, your organization is likely to have a problem. An increase in bugs or code debt or slowing down of critical applications or security and scalability issues strongly suggest that your organization needs to address the depreciating skills.

Once you identify the skills depreciation in your organization, it is essential to fulfill the upskilling needs of your employees by deploying suitable training programs. The best training programs are designed to suit the requirements of the trainees. These programs often pair new learners with mentors who can guide them through their efforts and answer specific questions.

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