Top 6 DevOps Trends 2019

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The rise of DevOps has been slow, but steady. It has grown from being a mere tech buzzword to a proven method of quickly and effectively delivering software than in the past.

DevOps is simply the combination of development and production in the IT infrastructure. It enables organizations to provide agile services, streamline their production and ensure their customer satisfaction.

Like with anything in IT, change is constant in DevOps too. In this article we will discuss what is currently trending in this field, so that you can start focusing on it.

Top 6 DevOps Trends 2019


Adoption Of Microservices Architecture  

Microservices architecture are smaller services that compound into implementable and agile tools that can be employed by DevOps teams for scaling and testing software quickly in mere weeks.  This can prove to be a great benefit to businesses for streamlining their production lines and development, setting them much ahead of their original production estimates.

The implementation of microservices into DevOps team can enable organizations to focus more on the efficient delivery of new development sources and runtime, thus avoiding the issue of creating dependency errors when anything decides to bug out without any reason.

Rise Of DevOps Assembly Lines

Pipelines are there for tracking your application’s development. They help to represent the product visually from its initial stage to its final development and release. However, today very less priority is given to Continuous Integration(CI) when it comes to effective monitoring and implementation.

In 2019 the focus is going to shift to Continuous delivery and automation. It is at this juncture where DevOps Assembly lines comes into the picture. With assembly lines, the focus is on bridging the gap between automated and manual tasks. This is to ensure that there is no redundancy while giving teams various tools to implement, and to make sure that apps are quickly hitting the production lines.

Popularity Of Enterprise Security 

The instances of cybercrimes are on the rise today. As a business, cybercrimes has the impact of making or breaking your sales and weighing down your DevOps team. This is one of the critical reasons why more and more companies are opting for enterprise security options.

Despite there being an end number of third-party programmers practically for every situation you can imagine, they all lack the security level of the enterprise security tools. Thus, you should consider enterprise security for safeguarding you and your clients

Increased Focus On Automation

Automation will always be a boon to business. From accelerating the pipeline with machines, improving inventory management with logging and tracking to enhancing customer support through chatbot, automation has touched nearly every sphere of an organization. DevOps is one such area.

However, like with everything you should stay away from too much automation. A good way to do so entails breaking down processes and finding redundant tasks that when automated can save time and then apply the changes. One of the most critical things while automating DevOps is to have an understanding of the six DevOps cycle pillars, which are:

  • Collaborative customer feedback and optimization
  • Continuous business planning
  • Continuous testing
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Continuous release and deployment
  • Collaborative development

AI & ML Will Drive DevOps Growth

Emerging technologies like AI & ML are a good fit for fostering the growth of DevOps culture. As these technologies are capable of quickly processing large amounts of data and executing menial tasks, IT staff will be free to do more sophisticated and targeted tasks. AI & ML can detect patterns, anticipate problems and propose solutions. If the purpose of DevOps is to unify development and operations, AI and ML can help by smoothing out most of the issues that had divided the two disciplines previously.

Coding Will Be Expected From Testers

There is a huge demand in DevOps for testers who are capable of coding and automating scripts for testing different cases. This year in the software industry, we can expect to see a rising need for individuals who are able to understand different DevOps tools and automate scripts.

Testers who don’t know how to write their own automated scripts and code will find it hard to sustain henceforth. Manual testing which consumes a lot of time will perish by the end of 2019. With automation in testing, there will be an increase in efficiency and faster delivery of features to the market.


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