Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Get Azure Certification

Did you know that the Cloud is growing 7 times faster than the rest of the IT?

According to International Data Corporation(IDC) report, the worldwide investment on Cloud computing is estimated to reach $203.4 billion by 2020. This again highlights the tremendous growth that cloud computing has been witnessing in the past couple of years.

Today, there is no doubt that the cloud is widely considered as a permanent fixture for service providers, end users, organizations as well as global companies. The basic premise of cloud computing is to ensure that data which is stored and shared in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere in the world by using an internet connection.

An easy way of getting into cloud computing domain is by getting certifications in the domain. Microsoft Azure offers one of the most popular cloud certifications. The opportunities that this certification can bring has seen an increase in the recent years because of the developing interest in the domain. This is because Microsoft Azure cloud certification offers:

  • One of the most grounded knowledge
  • Crossover capacities that are unmatched
  • Higher number of regions than any other cloud supplier

In this article, I will list out the top 8 reasons why should get a Microsoft Azure certification.

Reasons Why You Should Get Microsoft Azure Certification


Did you know recent research indicates that overall Azure adoption has seen a steady increase from 45 to 52 percent, highlighting the increasing demand for Azure certification. The presence of a strong coding and infrastructure enables users to store their entire websites on it. Users will also be able to access all developing tools that will help them to create high tech applications. These applications can be hosted safely on the Azure cloud and users can reinforce the security with stringent protocols.


With Microsoft’s pay-as-you go feature, users reap the benefit of paying only for what they have used to extend or fabricate assets that use Azure services. Majority of the IT organization expenses are reduced as the foundation is taken care by Microsoft on Azure. It is able to associate information centres or data to the cloud more easily than other cloud suppliers. Every part of the user’s infrastructure will be kept up on the cloud by specialists with 24*7 help is available. This is a key benefit for small- medium enterprises as it would help them to cut down their consumption and focus more on their business driven functionalities.

With Azure’s features that enables the users to scale up or down the assets needed as per the utilization, users can bring down their costs on

  • Power usage
  • Purchasing new equipment
  • Maintenance and information protection manpower
  • Redesigning new software

Security Offering

Azure has one of the best security tools and protocols such as Security Development Lifecycle(SDL) which delivers the best security to the users and their data on the Azure cloud, safeguarding it from kind of cyber fraud. Moreover, Azure cloud service has a certification of international standard for cloud privacy, ISO 27018, attesting to the fact that it is recognized by European data protection authorities.

Hybrid Capabilities

There are an end number of hybrid services offered by Microsoft Azure and it allows the users to access the data from anywhere in the world. The hybrid connection consists of Virtual Private Networks (VPN), ExpressRoute, and Content Delivery Networks (CDN). These enhances user’s performance and experience. There are many cloud service providers who are not able to provide such protocols.

Learning Platform

One of the advantage of using Azure is that the user does not have to learn to work with many different tools. Azure provides all the tools that are commonly used such as Xcode, Eclipse, Github, Hadoop, etc. that makes it easy for newbies to adapt and begin using this platform. Moreover, users, with the help of a concise learning process can get their certifications faster and kickstart their career. A lot of study material is available online such as tutorial videos, guides etc.

Enterprise Agreement Clause

Every organization that is employing Microsoft as their primary software for development is subject to the enterprise agreement clause. This means that these organizations get the benefit of getting all Microsoft software, tool, including Azure cloud services at discounted prices. This is highly beneficial to organizations that make use of various Microsoft products.

Better Integration Possibility

The platform .Net which is commonly employed for development purpose is supported by Microsoft Azure. Moreover, Azure boasts of a massive user base that the user can take seek help and support from.

Azure also offers a platform to run many open-source technologies such as Java, PHP and Linux.


DevOps is a set of software development practices that brings together development, quality assurance, and software operations. Microsoft Azure offers DevOps connections which enables developers to develop secure apps, while at the same time enabling the developers to monitor and manage the production process and rectify the errors before initiating the application.

Most of DevOps processes are automated which means that the user can test the apps easily in various environments and quickly forward the results to the production department. This ability is indispensable in the industry and can elevate an individual’s career.



Azure is an all-round cloud service that enables all users, both developers and businesses to improve the efficiency of all their processes and reap the benefits of cost effectiveness. It is highly recommended that individuals gain a certification in this area to streamline their business operations and achieve new heights of success.

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