Trendy Training Tools: Think Beyond PowerPoint

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Employee training is paramount to combat the skills gap and staying ahead in the game. Planning the next training is a challenge in itself, often aggravated by financial and resource constraints. While outsourcing trainings to a professional training team is ideal, in-house trainings can be extremely yielding through free online training resources.

These online training resources not just light on the business money coffers but also offer ample avenues of creative modifications to generate employee engagement. They offer the flexibility of choosing a synchronous or asynchronous approach, the former happening in real time and the latter pre-recorded. Each approach offers its own perks and drawbacks but we recommend incorporating the right blend of both to enable maximum learning to keep trainees absorbed.

Here are a few popular and useful resources at your disposal for conducting impactful training sessions.

* Webinar: A webinar is condensed for a web-based seminar. This is a captivating way to connect with employees or any target audience. The training content, once prepared, needs to be uploaded onto the webinar platform. It allows for reaching a large audience base though the exact number varies based on provider. Webinars can definitely save a few bucks over outsourced trainings but most still cost money. A free option is Google Hangouts which just requires a company page to get started. Learn more about Hangouts here.

* Video Conference: This tool has been used extensively by teams across the globe to organize team meetings, share ideas and collaborate. No-charge options like Skype, Hangouts or even an internal company tool can be used to stream an online training session. The overhead costs are close to zero and technical skills needed to set up are low.

* ELearning Videos: The key to training through eLearning videos is a good software that creates engrossing training modules. If you already have an in-house training production tool, then your task is simple. If not, go for a software that offers a variety of visual elements incorporation, interactivity and performance tracking. A substantial amount of skill is needed to use this tool and these can be expensive.

* Facebook Live: Fashioned on the lines of a webinar, this unique tool doesnot require much planning though it sure can benefit from prior announcements. The best part is it sends the user an instant notification when you go Facebook Live. This can be an excellent tool for informal training sessions when you want to do refreshers or energizers for your team. It keeps things interesting, allows for online interaction.

* Blogs: These online diaries have been around for a long time now. These can be used to run a training series with posts as frequently as you would like. They are absolutely free and there are multiple platforms that you can pick from like WordPress.

* Prezi: A really fun way to train is using this online presentation tool that looks and acts nothing like a regular presentation. With unique background layouts, color choices and a real roadmap, this is an engaging option to liven up those old training manuals. Once completed, these can be saved as a PDF or a presentation.

The world of cloud no longer restricts trainings to classrooms. The advent of these fascinating technology-driven tools among others have the potential to make trainings. These training medium supplements can enrich the learning experience and bring more interactivity and value to your training deliverables.

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