What brought the Elasticsearch community to Bangalore last week?

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Last week two senior Elasticsearch employees from the US – Drew Raines and Suyog Rao, fly out to Bangalore to deliver first local, classroom training and a non-commercial, open-to-all, technical meet-up. Where the meet-up focussed on demystifying Elasticsearch usage in high-throughput production environments, the training classes served to satiate the pent-up demand from organisations looking for a high-quality training for their developers – coming from the people who created the technology.

With Elasticsearch growing rapidly in popularity with the developer community, the meetup on Saturday morning (at SpringPeople Learning Centre in HSR Layout) saw a high turnout. It was a two track technical talk and discussion event. Suyog Rao from Elasticsearch US – who develops for the Logstash project and is actively involved with supporting customers and training users on the ELK stack – kicked off the first session where he introduced the ELK stack – Elasticsearch, along with Logstash and Kibana, which provides a powerful platform for indexing, searching and analyzing your data. In his talk, Suyog gave a brief introduction to these components and demonstrated how to analyze Apache logs using ELK.

Speaker for the next session was Vedang Manerikar, a senior platform member at Helpshift. At Helpshift, Vedang has to make sure that the system can handle 100 million app-sessions per day without slowing down – and he shared his insights and details on how Helpshift use and scale Elasticsearch at production in Helpshift, along with common pitfalls using Elasticsearch.

The two training classes: Core Elasticsearch, a 2-day intense training workshop on Elasticsearch usage and development, and Getting Started – ELK Workshop, which is a 1-day hands-on workshop focussing on install, configuration and administration of the full ELK stack – were much in demand, as evident by both the classes getting sold out within a few days of registrations opening up. A big number of interested IT professionals had to go on the waitlist, so as to be first in line to get a confirmed seat on the next scheduled classes.

These events were made possible my coming together of Elasticsearch and SpringPeople – where SpringPeople will be the master Certified Training Delivery partner for Elasticsearch – bringing their high-demand Elasticsearch training courses to India, at a fraction of the usual international prices.

As expected, demand outpaced the availability in both the events by orders of magnitude and now both the companies, Elasticsearch and SpringPeople, have scheduled next set of events – training and non-commercial meet-up/tech-talks, to accommodate people who missed out on the events last week. Moreover, SpringPeople team is being flexible to accommodate requests for organisations using/looking to use Elasticsearch technology – for bespoke training/guidance.

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Founded in 2009, SpringPeople is a global corporate training provider for high-end and emerging technologies, methodologies and products. As master partner for Pivotal / SpringSource, Elasticsearch, Typesafe, EMC, VMware, MuleSoft and Hortonworks, SpringPeople brings authentic, Certified training, designed and developed by the people who created the technology, to Corporates and Development/IT Professionals community in India. This makes SpringPeople an exclusive master certified training delivery wing, and one of the hand-picked few global partners, of these organizations - delivering their immensely popular, high-quality Certified training courses in India – for a fraction of what it costs globally.

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