Why You Should Get Certified by RedHat

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Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source software and solutions. It actively contributes to the upstream community projects to render it secure, stable and useful. The company uses a community-powered way to offer high performing and reliable storage, cloud and virtualization, middleware technologies like JBOSS Application Server and Operating System (Red Hat Enterprise Linux®).

The company has been providing an effective, stable and robust solution for scores of global organizations, educational institutions, and industries. Several state, federal and private enterprise information systems have chosen Red Hat as their staple provider for 15 years.

What are Red Hat Certifications?

Red Hat offers a range of certifications that are tailored towards several high profile job roles. These include development and application administration , system architecture and engineering ,system administration, virtualization and cloud administration.

For example, the Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator (RHCSA) is Red Hat’s rudimentary certification which equips the learner in a configuration of local storage, enables them to work with the security controls of the system like Firewalls, Access controls, SELinux, and handle its user base and file systems. The Red Hat Certified Systems Engineer (RHCE) enhances this with expertise in configuring DNS services, remote storage connections, web server administration, SMTP services, FTP, NFS services, and the like. Other certifications are on Virtualization, Clustering, Directory Services, SELinux, remote storage management, and other advanced technologies.

Why Should You Get Red Hat Certified?

Following are the top reasons why you should prioritize Red Hat training and certification:

Interest in Open Source is Growing

A large number of sectors, both public and private have started using open source. Today, organizations also want their employees to have adequate knowledge of how to use open source technologies. As you know, Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source technologies.

Red Hat Certifications can Enhance Your Market Skills

You can boost your marketability and skill set to employers with Red Hat certification as today many organizations recognize its value in cutting down organizational IT costs.

All Exams are Performance-Based

In order to get certified from Red Hat, aspirants must first clear a practical, hands-on test which includes real-world tasks that use these technologies. Thus, the aspirant must know the practical implementation and configuration of the particular technologies in order to earn the certification. This means a Red Hat certification will convey to prospective employers a person’s practical skills rather than mere theoretical knowledge.

The success of an organization’s technology is largely dependent on the skills and knowledge of it’s IT staff. In the absence of properly trained IT professionals, an organization misses out on good security as well as performance and thus, is not able to get the due benefits of its environment. The RHCE and RHCSA qualify as operating system certification for various compliance needs for both state and federal contracting. Employers can also easily verify a person who is a registered certification holder of Red Hat.

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