HDP Operations: HDP Administration I Training

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Master your skills on Hortonworks Data Platform. Learn how to manage Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 2.3 with Ambari. Gain expertise in installation, configuration, maintenance, security and system performance of HDP.

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What is HDP Operations: HDP Administration I training about?

Gain end to end skills to manage Hortonworks Data Platform. Understand HDFS storage and YARN resource management. Gain practical experience in YARN applications, managing cluster nodes and rack awareness as you learn with our certified experts. 

Practise on cloudlabs to configure NameNode HA using Ambari, perform an Interactive HDP Installation using Apache Ambari. Add, decommission and re-commission a worker node and use HDFS storage and protect Data Using HDFS Access Control Lists (ACLs).

Be industry ready to perform administration capacity planning work, cluster performance, support and augment production and development on Hortonworks Platform.

What are the objectives of HDP Operations: HDP Administration I training?

At the end of Hortonworks Administration I training, you will be able to :

  • Gain a working knowledge of the enterprise environment including Big Data, Hadoop and the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP)
  • Install the Hortonworks Data Platform
  • Manage Hadoop Services, Ambari Users and Groups
  • Manage and work on the HDFS Storage
  • Configure HDFS Storage,  HDFS Transparent Data Encryption, YARN Resource Manager
  • Submit YARN Jobs
  • Configure the YARN Capacity Scheduler
  • Modify Cluster Nodes
  • Configure HDFS and YARN Rack Awareness, YARN High Availability
  • Monitor and protect a Cluster with Backups
Available Training Modes

Live Online Training

Classroom Training



Who is HDP Operations: HDP Administration I training for?

  • Anyone who wants to add HDP Operations: HDP Administration I skills to their profile
  • Teams getting started on HDP Operations: HDP Administration I projects
  • What are the prerequisites for HDP Operations: HDP Administration I training?

    • Familiar with Hadoop and Linux environments.

    Course Outline

    • Introduction to Big Data, Hadoop and HDP
      • Describe Hadoop
      • Summarize the Purpose of the Hortonworks Data Platform Software Frameworks
      • List Hadoop Cluster Management Choices
      • Describe Apache Ambari
      • Describe the Differences Between Hadoop Users, Hadoop Service Owners and Ambari Users
      • Manager Users, Groups and Permissions
      • Identify Hadoop Configuration Files
      • Summarize Operations of the Web UI Tool
      • Manage Hadoop Service Configuration Properties Using the Ambari Web UI
      • Manage Client Configuration Files Using the Command-line Interface
      • Describe the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
      • Perform HDFS Shell Operations
      • Use Ambari Files View
      • Use WebHDFS
      • Protect Data Using HDFS Access Control Lists (ACLs)
      • Manage Ambari Users and Groups (Lab)
      • Managing Hadoop Services (Lab)
      • Using HDFS Storage (Lab)
      • Using WebHDFS (Lab)
      • Using HDFS Access Control Lists (Lab)
    • Managing HDFS Storage, YARN Resource Management
      • Describe HDFS Architecture and Operation
      • Manage HDFS using Ambari Web, NameNode and DataNode UIs
      • Manage HDFS using Command-line Tools
      • Enable and Manage HDFS quotas
      • Describe YARN Resource Management
      • Summarize YARN Architecture and Operation
      • Identify and use YARN Management Options
      • Summarize YARN Response to Component Failure
      • Managing HDFS Storage (Lab)
      • Managing HDFS Quotas (Lab)
      • Configure and Manage YARN (Lab)
      • Non-Ambari YARN Management (Lab)
    • YARN Applications, Managing Cluster Nodes and Rack
      • Understand the Basics of Running Simple YARN Applications
      • Identify Reason to Add, Replace and Delete Worker Nodes
      • Configure and Run the HDFS Balancer
      • Decommission and Re-commission a Worker Node
      • Move a Master Component
      • Summarize the Purpose and Operations of the YARN Capacity Scheduler
      • Configure and Manager YARN Queues
      • Control Access to YARN Queues
      • Summarize the Purpose and Benefits of Rack Awareness
      • Configure Rack Awareness
      • Run Sample YARN Applications (Lab)
      • Add, Decommission and Re-commission a Worker Node (Lab)
      • Configure Users and Groups (Lab)
      • Configure YARN Resources Queues (Lab)
      • User Group and Resource Management (Lab)
      • Configuring Rack Awareness (Lab)
    • HDFS and YARN High Availability
      • Summarize the Purpose of NameNode HA
      • Configure NameNode HA using Ambari
      • Summarize the Purpose of Resource Management HA
      • Configure ResourceManager HA using Ambari
      • Summarize the Purpose and Operation of Ambari Metrics
      • Describe the Features and Benefits of the Ambari Dashboard
      • Summarize the Purpose and Operation of Ambari Alerts
      • Configure Ambari Alerts
      • Summarize Hadoop Backup Considerations
      • Enable and Manage HDFS Snapshots
      • Copy Data Using DistCp
      • Use Snapshots and DistCp Together
      • Identify Hadoop Cluster Deployment Options
      • Plan for Hadoop Cluster Deployment
      • Perform an Interactive HDP Installation using Apache Ambari
      • Install Ambar
      • Configuring NameNode HA (Lab)
      • Configuring ResourceManager HA (Lab)
      • Configuring Ambari Alerts (Lab)
      • Managing HDFS Snapshots (Lab)
      • Using DistCp (Lab)
      • Installing HDP (Lab)

    Who is the instructor for this training?

    The trainer for this HDP Operations: HDP Administration I has extensive experience in this domain, including years of experience training & mentoring professionals.