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If want to became and expert in the most widely used design patterns in java, this course is for you. OOPs principles, gang of four design patterns like chain of command, observer, decorator, factory, singleton are some of the design patterns taught in this course.

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Instructed by SUBRAMANIAN

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Course Description


Design patterns capture the experience of expert software developers and present common recurring problems their solutions and the consequences of those solutions in methodical way. This course explains why patterns are useful and important for object-oriented design and development; how patterns are documented categorized and cataloged; when they should be used; what some important patterns are; and how they are implemented.


At the end of Java UML & Design Patterns training course, the participants will:

  • Learn how to identify and design objects, classes, and their relationships to each other
  • Use links, associations, and Inheritance
  • Use diagram notation for use cases, class and object representation, links and associations, and object messages
  • Gain a working knowledge UML 2.0
  • Apply knowledge of OOAD to design an object-oriented system which can be implemented in an object-oriented language

Duration - 3 Days


Must have

  • Good knowledge in Java and J2EE(Servlets, JSP and EJB)

Course Curriculum

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  • Encapsulation
  • Abstraction
  • Objects
  • Classes
  • Responsibilities
  • Attributes
  • Composite Classes
  • Operations and Methods
  • Visibility
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Use Case Diagrams
  • Class Diagrams
  • Object Diagrams
  • Sequence Diagrams
  • Communication Diagrams
  • Deployment Diagrams
  • Cohesion
  • Coupling
  • Open Close Principle
  • Dependency Inversion Principle
  • Interface Segregation Principle
  • Single Responsibility Principle
  • Liskov's Substitution Principle
  • Strategy
  • Command
  • Observer
  • Template Method
  • Iterator
  • Factory
  • Abstract Factory
  • Builder
  • Singleton
  • Prototype
  • Facade
  • Proxy
  • Composite
  • Decorator
  • Adapter
  • Flyweight
  • MVC pattern
  • Layered Pattern
  • Front Controller
  • Application Controller
  • Intercepting Filtert
  • Composite View
  • View Helper
  • Service To Worker
  • Business Delegate
  • Service Locator
  • Session Facade
  • DTO
  • Service Activator
  • Webservice Broker
  • Domain Store
  • Data Access Object


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SUBRAMANIAN SpringPeople Trainer


Sernior Design Engeneer
GE Healthcare
Course Material:
Class Experience:
Venue address needs to be communicated before training including the room number, Faculty needs to be more presentable and internet conectivity needs to be improved

SUBRAMANIAN SpringPeople Trainer

Moumita Das

Course Material:
Class Experience:
Probably end of session we can have some hands on exerecise like a real time seanrio is been presented & the attendees can design class n sequence diagrame using the knowledge gained from the 3 days session

SUBRAMANIAN SpringPeople Trainer

Vijaykumar Gangavati

Sr.QA Analyst
Course Material:
Class Experience:
The session could have been more interactive and the hands examples were pretty bad. The trainer was referring to 25 old pdf file to present. Things might have been outdated in it. Few design patterns were outdated.

This class is intended for participants with some prior exposure to the technology and are now looking to build up their expertise on the topic.

On successful completion of the course, participants will be eligible to sit of the related certification exam (see course overview). All participants receive a course completion certificate, demonstrating their expertise on the subject.

Total duration of the online, live instructor led sessions. Sessions are typically delivered as short lectures (2-hrs weekdays/3-hrs weekends) and detailed hands-on guidance.

Expected offline lab work hours that participants will need to complete and submit to the trainer, during and after the instructor-led online sessions.

  1. We are happy to refund full fee paid - no questions asked - should you feel that the training is not up to your expectations.
  2. Our dedicated team of expert training enablement advisors are available on email, phone and chat to assist you with your queries.
  3. All courseware, including session recordings, will always be available to access to you for future reference and rework.

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