The Future of Training & Development
Trends, Developments, Challenges for 2018 and Beyond
22nd November 2017 @ 3:00 PM IST
Marc Davis
ex VP, Goldman Sachs

This webinar is a great opportunity for learning & development professionals and HR executives to interact with a leading industry influencer with 20+ years of experience. .

In the session, Marc will explore the latest trends reshaping the L&D industry & present a roadmap for the future.

About Expert Influencer:

Marc Davis is an HR and talent development leader with 20+ years of experience. A former Vice President, Goldman Sachs and former Head of Learning and Development, Aegis International, he is a leadership coach and a strategic HR consultant focussed on the transformation of the world of talent and leadership development across industries.

Topics to be Covered

- Current State of the L&D industry.

- Training and Talent Development: Analysis of strategies employed by different companies.

- Challenges and Obstacles: common issues faced by training departments & how to calculate ROI.

- Transforming Training and Development: Looking to the future and mapping trends.

- What Works vs What Doesn't: Why do some strategies work while others fail? A closer look. 

- Rethinking Training & Development: A blueprint for the future.

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