UX-PM 2: Executing Training

Live Online & Classroom Enterprise Certification Training

The UX-PM training to master core concepts on how to plan and manage UX methods at each project phase. Learn UX-PM to create RFPs for outsourcing and how to increase project success rates in your organizations. Get certified in UX PM and be an expert in UX activities and monitoring different project phases.

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What is UX-PM 2: Executing Training about?

UX – PM training helps you to implement UX methods in your organization for multiple projects stages and types. Get UX PM certified and gain practical working knowledge on as you learn with our certified expert to solve problems, reviewing UX deliverables and reporting.

Practise skills to perform UX tools and methods to improve product quality and process efficiency. Boost your project success and invest UX in your organization. 

What are the objectives of UX-PM 2: Executing Training ?

After completing UX-PM 2 training, you will be able to:

  • Understand UX methods for different project stages and types
  • Comprehend pros, cons, deliverables for each method
  • Select UX specialists for a project
  • Integrate UX in a project, based on operational and budget constraints and opportunities
  • Plan and manage UX activities using UX-PM checklists (toolkit)
  • Review UX deliverables
  • Assess UX specialist capabilities for a project
  • Get UX-PM 2 certified
Available Training Modes

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Classroom Training



Who is UX-PM 2: Executing Training for?

  • Professionals with UX-PM Level 1 certification or
  • Experienced professionals with 2 - 3 years of experience in digital project management in IT, business department, agency, etc.

What are the prerequisites for UX-PM 2: Executing Training?

  • Experience in Project Management
  • Strong knowledge of digital projects

Course Outline

  • Topics
    • Integration UX in a project, based on operational and budget constraints and opportunities
    • User-centered design lifecycle and its incorporation in digital product development process
    • The relation between UCD and Service Design
    • Quick methods of moving from business objectives and vision definition to a UX strategy (value proposition and much more)
    • Examples of qualitative and quantitative research techniques to discover user needs
    • Creation of design requirements based on UX strategy and user research
    • Selection and planning the UX design process for an omnichannel experience and mapping it into a blueprint
    • Monitoring the UX activities in different project phases
    • Evaluation and testing design solutions, locally and internationally
    • Methods and practices to ensure that the user's perspective is taken into account through human-centered design
    • Implementation: Collaboration between the UX team and the development team
    • Immersion and practical application: A progressing case study with discussion and role-playing to sharpen your skills in managing UX activities

Who is the instructor for this training?

The trainer for this UX-PM 2: Executing Training has extensive experience in this domain, including years of experience training & mentoring professionals.

UX-PM 2: Executing Training - Certification & Exam

UX-PM 2  training helps you to pass UX-PM 2: UX Executing exam and certification fee is included as part of training fee. The exam is conducted on the second day of the training.   

The UX-PM certification positions project managers to:

  • Advocate a user-centered approach to product and service design
  • Integrate UX tools and methods to improve product quality and process efficiency
  • Decide where and when to make UX investments and trace the impact of those investments