10 Popular Data Science Tools­­ for Programmers

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It is habitual for Data scientists to explore novel techniques and tools to aid in their programming. It is essential for them to be adept at using a large number of these tools. To be a successful data scientist, several criteria need to be met including a broad understanding of programming and a working knowledge of statistical programming to aid in producing databases, visualization tools, and data processing systems. Keeping in mind these criteria, following is a compilation of the most popular data science tools for programmers.


Algorithms.io is a LumenData Company that operates a cloud platform to provide machine learning algorithms for providing predictive analytics to businesses. It converts raw data into actionable events and real- time data which in turn enables companies to streamline data using machine learning.

Some of the key features of this tool are :

  • Generates a set of APIs that can be used by developers to assimilate machine learning into web and mobile app so that any raw data can be converted into intelligent output.
  • This tool makes the process of machine learning, available to developers and programmers who work with connected devices, easier.
  • Cloud platform addresses the drawbacks that arise when using machine data relating to the security, scale, and infrastructure.

Apache Giraph

Apache Giraph is a graphics processing system that is iterative in nature. It is designed for high scalability. It began as an open-source counterpart to the basic Pregel model, but now has several remarkable features beyond the former such as shared aggregators, master computation, edge-oriented input and more. Currently, Facebook uses this tool to examine the users and their connection’s social graph.

Apache Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is an open-source framework that enables large-scale processing of datasets across computer clusters with the help of simple programming models. It is known for its reliability, scalability and distributed computing. Apache Hadoop’s library is intended to detect and manage any shortcomings at the application layer itself and thus delivers a highly available service. Hadoop Common, Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS), Hadoop MapReduce modules and Hadoop Yarn are included in this.


Bokeh is an interactive visualization Python library that for aims at modern web browsers for presentation. Anyone looking for an easy and quick way to create data app, interactive plots and dashboards can benefit from Bokeh. The fundamental goal of this tool is to furnish concise and sophisticated building of novel graphics in D3.js style and to prolong this capability for large streaming datasets with high-performance interactivity.


BigML is a powerful machine learning service that enables the user to easily import their data and get predictions from it. What makes this service remarkable is that no prior machine learning techniques are necessary to make use of the benefits of ML.

Following are few of the features of BigML

  • Affordable construction of sophisticated ML solutions.
  • Equips users to create, automate, experiment and handle ML workflows to influence intelligent apps
  • Extract predictive patterns from data into real, intelligence apps that can be used by anyone.

Feature Labs

Feature Labs is revolutionizing the way machine learning products and services are created by companies. Using this tool users can develop and employ more intelligent products and services that utilize machine learning. Feature labs also enable the users to utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning insights to create new products, identify critical insights and predict the future of business using the available data.


Cascading is a popular platform for application development for building Big Data apps on Apache Hadoop. With its remarkable features such as computation engine, systems integration framework, scheduling capabilities and dataprocessessing, it enables the developers to solve both simple and complex data problems. These features strike a balance between the required degree of freedom and an optimal level of abstraction. Cascading can run on and port between Apache Tea, Flink, and MapReduce.


Data-Driven documents, popularly known by its acronyms D3.js is a JavaScript library that yields interactive and dynamic data visualizations in web browsers. It also helps in manipulating documents that are based on data and bringing live data using HTML, SVG, and CSS. D3.js emphasis on web standards provides the users all the functions of modern browsers integrating powerful visualization components and a data-focused approach to DOM influence without needing to tie up with a proprietary framework.

Microsoft Excel

Without any dispute, Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that helps the user to execute an end number of functions including filtering, sorting, calculating, creating a makeshift database, cross-tabulating and working with the data. Installed on nearly every computer device, Excel enables the user to work from anywhere. Many Data scientists view this tool as a secret weapon at their disposal.

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