Mobile Technology

AI In Mobile App Development

The field of mobile application is constantly evolving and embracing new changes everyday. We can surely say that technological advancements has had a huge impact on mobile app development. Emerging technologies such as AI is on the brink of disrupting the space of mobile app development. Artificial Intelligence is a technology that has slowly crept […]


13 Trends of programming languages 2018

13 Mobile App Development Trends of 2018

A Mobile App is a software designed to run specifically on wireless devices such as mobiles and tablets. Over the years they have evolved from suggesting to the customers the kind of content to consumers to allow the customers to decide the content. Mobile App consumption has seen a  steady growth as people have started […]


The Ever changing world of Mobile Technology and Apache Cordova (formerly PhoneGap)

While the consumer world is rapidly shifting to mobile-first delivery of information, with smart phones rapidly becoming the vehicle for doing everything from sending and receiving mail to depositing cheques, the same transition in the business world likely will take years. Successfully shifting from on-premises delivery of IT services to mobile IT, however, is not […]