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RSA Archer Advanced Administration Certification Training makes you a specialist in using RSA Archer eGRC Suite to solve an extensive array of GRC problems and meet the business requirements of various enterprise stakeholders.

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What is Archer Advanced Administration Training about?

Throughout the course participants will be presented with a diverse collection of real-nworld governance risk and compliance problems and be shown and guided through the recommended steps involved in solving these pain points by using thenfeatures available in the RSA Archer eGRC Suite.

Extensive hands-on labs reinforce the tasks involved in designing and automating GRC processes and extending the value of the RSA Archer eGRC Suite throughoutnthe organization. After completing this class participants will be prepared to use the RSA Archer eGRC Suite to solve an extensive array of GRC problems and meet thenbusiness requirements of various enterprise stakeholders.

What are the objectives of Archer Advanced Administration Training ?

At the end of Archer Advanced Administration training course, participants will learn to:

  • Create a custom, multi-stage workflow process that automates a manual process
  • Import existing information from a legacy system into RSA Archer applications and questionnaires
  • Integrate the RSA Archer product with third-party systems and data sources to consolidate enterprise information
  • Design best-practice assessment campaigns to measure compliance across the organization
  • Construct complex search criteria to locate key information and identify data trends
  • Visually showcase compliance with industry regulations through reports and dashboards
  • Alert organization stakeholders through scheduled report distributions
  • Export RSA Archer data into pre-formatted, professional-looking report templates
Available Training Modes

Live Online Training

40 Hours

Classroom Training


5 Days

Who is Archer Advanced Administration Training for?

  • Anyone who wants to add Archer Advanced Administration skills to their profile
  • Teams getting started on Archer Advanced Administration projects
  • What are the prerequisites for Archer Advanced Administration Training?

    Previous experience creating applications within the RSA Archer product or successful participation in the standard RSA Archer Administration course.n

    Course Outline

    • Day One - Streamlining GRC Processes
      • Replicating a multi-stage workflow to transfer a manual, paper-based process to an automated, online tool
      • Constructing a scalable access control framework for enabling end users to participate in GRC processes
      • Automating and manipulating data through calculations to support enhanced data analytics and reduce data entry time
    • Day Two - Integrating External Data
      • Transferring leveled, document-centric policies into a data-centric format in the RSA Archer Platform
      • Using a data feed targeting database sources to quickly transfer legacy data to a centralized system
      • Creating a data feed to access an RSS source and retrieve the information into an RSA Archer application
      • Transferring data between RSA Archer applications to support data trending and reduce manual effort
    • Day Three - Demonstrating Compliance
      • Importing compliance questions into RSA Archer's global question library
      • Creating an assessment campaign to demonstrate compliance with internal and external regulations
      • Managing question scoring and findings generation to better understand the risk impact to the organization
      • Referencing existing assessment responses in future assessments
    • Day Four, Part I - Communicating GRC Data
      • Generating real-time reports across distant data relationships to provide greater insights into GRC processes
      • Designing a user-friendly dashboard and interface to clearly communicate the posture of various business units
      • Delivering snapshot reports on a set schedule to inform key stakeholders of the current status
      • Exporting RSA Archer data to email and Word templates to generate professional-looking, document-based reports for senior management
      • Publishing RSA Archer data to external databases
    • Day Four, Part II - Maintaining the System
      • Discussing resources for the most current installation and sizing recommendations
      • Configuring instance settings via the Archer Control Panel
      • Accessing and reading log files
      • Troubleshooting common RSA Archer issues to ensure effective system operations

    Who is the instructor for this training?

    The trainer for this Archer Advanced Administration Training has extensive experience in this domain, including years of experience training & mentoring professionals.