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With our Advanced Python Training, master all the skills you need to develop complex and intelligent Python web applications, client-side applications, data analytics solutions, data transfer applications and much more. Learn the practice of code reusability by creating custom modules and libraries for later use.

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What is Advanced Python Training about?

Master the art of writing minimalistic, highly readable and functional programs with the scope for reusability by imbibing the principles of the Zen of Python in our Advanced Python course.

Start with a hands-on exercise on the OS services and proceed to PEP 20 style program development. Through our Advanced Python training, become adept at creating modules and classes by yourself to reduce effort in rewriting code. Learn to develop programs with a modern interface and the ability to communicate over the internet to access databases.

Become an expert with Advanced python online training,  at extending the capabilities of your Python program by creating new modules in C/C++ and calling from within your program.

What are the objectives of Advanced Python Training ?

At the end of this Advanced Python training course, you will be able to:

  • Master Python's object-oriented features such as state, class, objects and inheritance

  • Process text using regular expressions

  • Leverage OS services

  • Implement GUI for your Python application

  • Create modules to promote code-once-use-many-times practice

  • Use Pylint to test and debug applications

  • Master CGI API to Interact with web services such as FTP and SMTP

  • Deploy DB-API to Query databases

  • Process XML data through DOM API

  • Create complex platform-independent Python applications

Available Training Modes

Live Online Training

18 Hours

Classroom Training


3 Days

Who is Advanced Python Training for?

  • Developers, system administrators, and QA engineers, looking to use Python’s advanced features to develop powerful programs
  • Aspiring data scientists, data analysts and machine learning engineers who wish to program in Python

What are the prerequisites for Advanced Python Training?

Familiarity with the basics of Python and databases, and some knowledge of standard Python libraries is required.

Course Outline

  • Python refresher
    • The Zen of Python
    • Common idioms
    • Lambda functions
    • List comprehensions
    • Generator expressions
    • String formatting
  • Program development
    • Analyzing programs
    • Using Pylint
    • Testing code
    • Using unit test
    • Debugging
  • Creating modules
    • Initialisation code
    • Namespaces
    • Executing modules as scripts
    • Documentation
    • Packages and name resolution
    • Naming conventions
    • Using import
  • Classes & Objects
    • Defining classes
    • Instance methods and data
    • Initializers
    • Class methods
    • Static methods
    • Inheritance
    • Multiple inheritance
    • Pseudo-private variable
  • Database access
    • The DB API
    • Available Interfaces
    • Connecting to a server
    • Creating and executing a cursor
    • Fetching data
    • Parameterized statements
    • Metadata
    • Transaction control
  • Concurrency using Multithreading
    • Introduction to threads
    • Creating and managing threads
    • An overview of thread and threading modules
    • Thread sync using :
    • Lock
    • Semaphore
    • Conditions
    • Producer Consumer algorithm using Queue
  • Multiprocessing and Process management
    • Introduction to Multiprocessing
    • Creating and managing process
    • Process An overview
    • Process sync using :
    • Lock
    • Semaphore
    • Conditions
    • Using the subprocess module
    • Managing processes using the functions from the os module
    • Automating processes by capturing stdout, stdin and stderr of the child process
  • Web Development using Flask
    • Flask Environment
    • The FieldStorage object
    • Sending the HTTP header
    • Outputting HTML
    • HTML from templates
  • XML & JSON
    • Working with XML using etree
    • Handling JSON
    • Serializing Python objects using JSON
  • Automations
    • To implement ssh, scp, sftp
    • Ftpclient using Python
    • Sending & receiving the emails
    • Http/rest client using Python

Who is the instructor for this training?

The trainer for this advanced Python certification has extensive development experience in NoSQL databases, including years of experience mentoring professionals in advanced Python courses.