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Extensive 2 days Android Security Essentials certification course, which thoroughly covers the Android security model and concerns of both the developer and end-user point of view. This course is mapped for AND-802 exam.

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What is Android Security Essentials Certification Training about?

Android™ Security Essentials Certification training uses authorised course content developed by Android ATC and will delivered by ATC certified Instructor. This course covers the entire Android security model for both developers and end-users. You will learn to define and implement restricted access to system extensions using custom permissions.The Android Security Essentials training will demonstrate how its permission model will interact with standard Linux security

What are the objectives of Android Security Essentials Certification Training ?

Basic Linux security for Android gets a facelift with Android™ Security Essentials Certification  course which allows you to control access to the device features like camera, stored information, network interfaces etc.

  • Upon completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Understand Android software architecture.
  • Understand Android’s security model.
  • Build Android applications with security best practices in mind.
  • Build more secure and more robust application that appeals to clients.

After completing this course, you will be ready for the “ Android Security Essentials ” exam version 8 (exam code: AND-802).
Available Training Modes

Live Online Training

12 Hours

Classroom Training


2 Days

Who is Android Security Essentials Certification Training for?

  • Software developers aspired to design, create, deploy and test applications for the Android mobile phone platform. 

What are the prerequisites for Android Security Essentials Certification Training?

  • It’s highly recommended that the attendees of this course know the basics of Android application development knowledge

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Permissions
    • Introduction
    • Android Platform Architecture.
    • Android Security Architecture
    • Application Signing
    • Installing Applications
    • Permissions
    • Why Permissions?
    • Enforcing Permissions
    • Levels of Permissions Protection
    • Application - Level Permissions
    • Component - Level Permissions
    • Extending Android Permissions
    • Lab 1: Permission
    • Creating and Accessing App Permissions
    • Configuring permissions among different apps
  • Lesson 2: Managing the Policy File
    • Introduction
    • The Manifest File
    • Manifest Tag Attributes
    • Application Tag Attributes
    • Modifying the Application Policy
    • Application Running with the Same Linux ID
    • Setting Application Permissions
    • Permissions for External Applications
    • External Storage
    • Debugging Mode
    • Backup
    • Lab 2
    • Creating Two Applications with the Same Linux ID
    • Backing up Data on Cloud Storage
  • Lesson 3: Users’ Data Privacy and Protection
    • Introduction
    • Data Security Principles
    • Confidentiality
    • Integrity
    • Availability
    • The Mobile Environment
    • Data States
    • Vulnerabilities and Attacks Against Stored Data
    • Vulnerabilities of Stored Data
    • Threats on Stored Data
    • Protection Principles
    • Tips for Android Coding Vulnerabilities
    • Lab 3
    • Ensuring Data Confidentiality - Hacking Applications
    • Protecting Application Data with Permissions
  • Lesson 4: Securing Storage
    • Introduction
    • Data Storage Decisions
    • Privacy
    • Data Storage Period
    • Storage Mechanisms
    • SharedPreferences
    • File
    • File Operations on an External Storage
    • Cache
    • Database
    • Lab 4: Data Storage Applications
    • Using SharedPreferences
    • File Storage Operations
    • Storing Data in Cache
    • SQLite Database Storage

Who is the instructor for this training?

Android Application Development Certification Training will be delivered by Android ATC certified Instructor with extensive experience in the domain of Android applications, external resources, security model. The instructor has spearheaded a number of projects and has also mentored professionals in the industry. The trainer has deep expertise in Android applications using different tools and plugins etc..

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Android Security Essentials Training - Certification & Exam

  • SpringPeople is an Authorized Training Partner of Android ATC.
  • Android Security Essentials certification training course is aligned to “Android Security Essentials”  ” exam version 8 (exam code: AND-802).