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Live Online & Classroom Enterprise Certification Training

Master the configuration and maintenance of the Docker system in our Docker training. Gain practical experience to identify issues on a service health dashboard, pinpoint disruptions with service maps and automate processes with the Docker automation system.

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What is Docker Training about?

Our Docker training is aligned with the official blueprint of the Docker Certified Associate Certification exam.

Become an expert in implementing and maintaining Docker platform applications with this Docker Online Training. Gain an in-depth understanding of user interface and navigation, users and tasks, and data administration.

With Cloudlabs, practice populating and protecting the database, creating knowledge bases and service catalogues. Learn how to implement workflow activities and approval structure, business rules and client scripts, and more. 

Get ready for Docker deployment at your organization with our Docker training.

What are the objectives of Docker Training ?

After completing this Docker Training course, you will be able to:

  • Run containerized applications from pre-existing images stored in a centralized registry
  • Deploy images across the cluster
  • Install, maintain, and operate the Docker platform
  • Triage issue reports from stakeholders and resolve
  • Stand-up new Docker environments and perform general maintenance and configuration
  • Migrate traditional applications to containers
  • Configure and troubleshoot Docker engine
  • Confidently appear for Docker Admin Certification Exam
Available Training Modes

Live Online Training

18 Hours

Classroom Training


3 Days

Who is Docker Training for?

  • Any IT professionals looking  to upgrade their skills to Cloud-based IT service management tools
  • Teams working on Docker Systems

What are the prerequisites for Docker Training?

  • Exposure to Docker Enterprise Edition, container security, any of the cloud platform, Understanding of Docker Best Practices, Experience with configuration management tools and Linux and/or Windows Server are good to have.

Course Outline

  • Orchestration
    • Setup of a swarm mode cluster, with managers and worker nodes
    • Running a container vs running a service
    • Lock a swarm cluster
    • Running individual containers
    • Running services under swarm
    • Interpret the output of "docker inspect" commands
    • Docker stack deploy
    • Running stack of services
    • Increase # of replicas
    • Add networks, publish ports
    • Mount volumes
    • Running a replicated vs global service
    • Troubleshoot a service not deploying
    • Node labels & placement of tasks
    • Dockerized application communication with legacy systems
    • Quorum in a swarm cluster
    • Templates for "docker service create"
  • Image Creation, Management, and Registry
    • Dockerfile options
    • Main parts of a Dockerfile
    • Efficient image via a Dockerfile
    • Use CLI commands to manage images
    • Using filter and format
    • Tagging an image
    • Store an image using registry
    • Layers of a Docker image
    • Create a Docker image
    • Modifying an image to a single layer
    • Working principles of Image layers
    • Deploy a registry
    • Configure a registry
    • Log into a registry
    • Utilize search in a registry
    • Tag an image
    • Push an image to a registry
    • Sign an image in a registry
    • Pull an image from a registry
    • Mechanics of image deletion
    • Delete an image from a registry
  • Installation and Configuration
    • Upgrade the Docker engine
    • Complete setup of repo
    • Select a storage driver
    • Installation of Docker engine on multiple platforms
    • Configure logging drivers
    • Setup swarm
    • Configure managers, add nodes
    • Setup backup schedule
    • Create and manage user and teams
    • Troubleshoot installation issues
    • Outline the sizing requirements
    • Namespaces, cgroups, and configuration of certificates
    • Certificate-based client-server authentication
    • Deploying Docker engine, UCP, and DTR on AWS and on premises in an HA config
    • Configuration of backups for UCP and DTR
    • Configuring the Docker daemon to start on boot
    • Networking
    • Creating a Docker bridge network
    • Troubleshooting connectivity issue between containers
    • Port configuration for external application access
    • Different types and use cases for the built-in network drivers
    • Container Network Model
    • Configuring Docker to use external DNS
    • Load balancing
    • Types of traffic that flow between the Docker engine, registry, and UCP controllers
    • Deploying a service on a Docker overlay network
    • "Host" and "ingress" port publishing mode
  • Security
    • Signing an image
    • Enabling Docker Content Trust
    • Configuring RBAC in UCP
    • Integrating UCP with LDAP/AD
    • Creating of UCP client bundles
    • Default engine security
    • Swarm default security
    • MTLS
    • Identity roles
    • Difference between UCP workers and managers
    • External certificates with UCP and DTR
  • Storage and Volumes
    • Graph drivers
    • Configuring devicemapper
    • Compare object storage toblock storage
    • Application layers and the filesystem
    • Volumes for persistent storage
    • Cleaning up unused images on a filesystem
    • DTR
    • Storage across cluster nodes
  • Lab 1
  • Lab 1
  • Lab 2
  • Lab 2
  • Lab 3

Who is the instructor for this training?

With a decade and half worth of industry experience deploying and managing IT services tools, our trainer has 5+ years of experience training and preparing ITSM professionals for the Docker Certification exam

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Docker Training - Certification & Exam

  • SpringPeople’s ‘Docker Training’ covers all the topics prescribed in the Docker Certified Associate Exam Blueprint. Passing this examination makes the candidate a Docker Certified Associate.
  • Docker Certification exam fees of $150 (~₹ 9,750/-) is not included in the training fee.
  • Candidates who want to take the examination are advised to purchase the voucher directly from Docker.

   Note: Above details are indicative in nature, can change without notice - at the discretion of Docker.