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Apache Cassandra Training

Live Online & Classroom Enterprise Training

Gain the practical expertise to install, configure, and monitor Cassandra. Be industry ready to deploy and manage the Cassandra distributed NoSQL database.

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What is Cassandra Training about?

Gain a practical working knowledge of Cassandra architecture, interfaces and data model. Master the deployment of Apache Cassandra - an open-source distributed NoSQL database.  Build scalable database solutions with high availability and performance. Deploy Cassandra to manage your big data with tunable consistency. Master NoSQL best practices and practice on cloudlabs as you learn with our industry expert.

Be the Cassandra expert your organization needs.

Suggested Audience

Developers looking to professionally deploy a NoSQL database for their organization.


What are the objectives of Cassandra Training ?

The Apache Cassandra training course provides a practical working knowledge of -

  • Big data and NoSQL databases
  • Cassandra and its features
  • Architecture and data model of Cassandra
  • Installation, configuration, and monitoring of Cassandra
  • Hadoop ecosystem of products around Cassandra
  • Deploying NoSQL database solutions using Cassandra
Available Training Modes

Live Online Training

18 Hours

Classroom Training


3 Days

Who is Cassandra Training for?

  • Anyone who wants to add Cassandra skills to their profile
  • Teams getting started on Cassandra projects
  • What are the prerequisites for Cassandra Training?

    Exposure to SQL databases and Java programming is recommended for this training.

    Course Outline

    • 1. What is Big Data
      • Technology Landscape
      • Big Data Relevance
      • Distributed Systems and Challenges
    • 2. Why NoSQL Databases
      • Relational DB vs. NoSQL
      • Type of NoSQL Databases
      • NoSQL Landscape
      • CAP Theorem and Eventual Consistency
      • Key Characteristics of NoSQL Database systems
      • ACID vs BASE
    • 3. Cassandra Fundamentals
      • Distributed and Decentralized
      • Elastic Scalability
      • High Availability and Fault Tolerance
      • Tuneable Consistency
      • Row-Oriented
      • Schema-Free
      • High Performance
    • 4. The Cassandra Data Model
      • The Relational Data Model
      • A Simple Introduction
      • Clusters
      • Keyspaces
      • Hands-on Session
    • 5. Installation and Setup of Cassandra
      • Single Node Setup
      • Multi-Node Cluster Setup
      • Key Configurations for Cassandra
      • CLI and Hands-On with Cassandra
    • 6. Cassandra Modeling
      • Cassandra (Column Family NoSQL DB)
      • Key Concepts - Key Space - Column Family - Column Family Options - Wide Rows, Skinny Row - Column Sorting - Super Columns - Counter Column Family - Composite Keys and Columns - Time To Live -
      • Secondary Indexes in Cassandra
      • Difference between Custom Indexes and Secondary Indexes
      • Difference between Relational Modeling and Cassandra Modeling
      • Key Points to note while modeling a Cassandra Database
      • Patterns and Anit-Patterns in Cassandra Modeling
    • Lab-1
    • Lab-2
    • Lab-3

    Who is the instructor for this training?

    The trainer for this Apache Cassandra Training has extensive experience in this domain, including years of experience training & mentoring professionals.