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Master the skills you need to increase your organization’s software delivery velocity and improve your company's time to market in our DevOps Training. Gain a deep understanding of DevOps’ end-to-end CI CD view.

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What is DevOps Training about?

DevOps is a revolutionary new paradigm in software development that has its basis in ‘rapid application development’. DevOps defines IT culture, focusing on rapid IT service delivery through the adoption of agile, lean practices in the context of a system-oriented approach.  In our DevOps certification training, you will master the core concepts and tools to store, version, build, test and release application and infrastructure code via continuous delivery pipelines.

In our Cloudlabs, with easy to follow, step by step instructions, master tools such as Docker, git, Jenkins, kubernetes and Nagios. You also learn how to deliver value to your end customer through the software delivery process in our DevOps training.

What are the objectives of DevOps Training ?

At the end of our DevOps online course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and appreciate the tools, frameworks and architectures that enable DevOps
  • Understand and apply containerization techniques using docker
  • Maintain versioning and manage source codes for automating builds using Git
  • Gain a deep understanding of different approaches for test automation
  • Apply continuous integration concepts to your development projects
  • Automate monitoring process with Nagios
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Who is DevOps Training for?

  • Anyone looking to use DevOps for their projects
  • Teams getting started with or working on DevOps projects

What are the prerequisites for DevOps Training?

  • Basic understanding of linux/unix system concepts, CLI, Familiarity with a Text Editor is good to have
  • Experience with managing systems/applications/infrastructure or with deployments/automation is required

Course Outline

  • DevOps Overview
    • Overview
    • Technical Challenges
    • Software Tools
    • Cloud Computing
    • Information Security
    • Requirements
    • Architecture
    • User Acceptance Tests
  • Containerization
    • Linux Virtualization
    • Docker
    • Docker Images
    • Registries and Repositories
    • Docker Data Volumes
    • Docker Machine
    • Docker Networking
    • Docker Compose
  • Build Automation
    • Managing Source Code
    • Automating Builds
    • Subversion
    • Git
    • Build Tools
    • Architectural Development Software
    • Continuous Integration
  • Test Automation
    • Automated Testing
    • Test Driven Development
    • IDEs
    • Test Driven Development Approach
    • Behavior Driven Development
    • Integration Testing
    • Software Integration Tools
    • Code Quality Principles
    • Code Quality Tools
    • Continuous Code Quality
  • Continuous Integration
    • Jenkins
    • TeamCity
  • Configuration Management
    • Infrastructure as a Code
    • Configuration Management Tools
  • Continuous Deployment
    • Kubernetes
  • Automated Monitoring with Nagios
    • Automated Monitoring with Nagios
    • Monitoring
    • Performance
    • DevOps End-to-End CI CD View

Who is the instructor for this training?

Our trainer for this DevOps training has extensive experience in development and deployment of enterprise applications, including years of experience teaching DevOps courses for professionals.

DevOps Training - Certification & Exam

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional exam validates technical expertise in provisioning, operating, and managing distributed application systems on the AWS platform. Exam concepts you should understand for this exam include the ability to:

Implement and manage continuous delivery systems and methodologies on AWS
Understand, implement, and automate security controls, governance processes, and compliance validation
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