Connect L&D is a platform exclusively for L&D professionals - CLOs, VPs, Heads, Managers, Associates & others to network, share knowledge and opinions. Under the Connect L&D program, we regularly organize various talks & panel discussions, seminars & webinars to foster and nurture the L&D community.


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Premium L&D Conclaves

A quarterly offline event exclusively for L&D Professionals to connect, network and discuss latest industry developments. This platform promotes knowledge sharing and is ideal for L&D professionals, managers & leaders looking to pick up the latest L&D knowhow and upgrade their skills.

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Online L&D Community

Curated WhatsApp Community for L&D professionals from the industry to discuss the current state of L&D, issues, opportunities and more. Stay updated with top trends & developments, connect with your peers, and grow your network.

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L&D Influencer Webinars

Expert influencer webinars by key L&D figures from the industry to shed light on issues central to L&D at large. Our webinars have so far seen participation from 5000+ L&D professionals in total, including industry veterans from global brands like IBM, Wipro, Infosys, Cisco, Oracle and Samsung. Attend these webinars to learn from the gurus of enterprise L&D.

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L&D Knowledge Bank

Exclusive thought leadership content from industry veterans including industry reports & updates, newsletters, opinion pieces,white-papers, infographics and more. With regularly published content, gain insights into the inner workings of the L&D function, stay up-to-date with latest industry news & more.