12 Aug 2018


Meet the duo that trains the workforce at Flipkart, Infosys and Cisco

YourStory on August 12, 2018 carried an article on SpringPeople. The feature length article explored the journey of Founders - Ravi Kaklasaria & Peeush Bajpai to the forming of SpringPeople, India's Biggest Enterprise IT Training Provider.

06 Dec 2018

Business Standard

India's Architects of the Upskilling Revolution Finally Get a Platform to Boost Skills of IT Employees

Business Standard on December 6, 2018 carried an article on Connect L&D - a SpringPeople initiative. The article discussed how Connect L&D is helping L&D professionals to connect on a common platform and aiding them to upgrade their capability-building infrastructure with the right knowhow & knowledge transfer.

12 Nov 2018

The Economic Times

SpringPeople partners with CompTIA for IT training programmes

The Economic Times on November 12th, 2018 carried the announcement of SpringPeople’s new partnership with CompTIA. The article carried a quote of Ravi Kaklasaria, SpringPeople Founder & CEO, who shed light into the primary purpose of the partnership, that is upskilling Indian IT professionals in the top, in-demand IT courses of today.

18 Sep 2018

India Today

SpringPeople Partners with Global AI/ML Scientists to Upskill 10,000+ IT Professionals By 2019

India Today on September 18th, 2018 carried the announcement of SpringPeople’s partnership with key AI & ML scientists across the globe, including Dr. James G. Shanahan (UC Berkeley) and his team of master trainers for delivering flagship courses in high-end technologies. The article included a quote of Ravi Kaklasaria who highlighted the speciality of these training programs which are designed for providing a 360 degree training experience to teams and organizations.

04 Sep 2018


How AI based tools are transforming the employee experience

TechGig on August 4, 2018 carried an opinion piece by Ravi Kaklasaria. The article discussed the various ways in which AI based tools can be employed to enhance employee engagement and retention.

16 Aug 2018

Achieving Rapid Organisational Transformation With Reskilling

Ravi Kaklasaris,SpringPeople Founder & CEO authored an article for magazine on August 16, 2018. The article explored the best ways to accelerate HR and organizational development through reskilling and upskilling of workforce.

25 May 2018


Business and HR collaboration is the way forward: FICCI-Strat-Board Survey

At the conference organised by FICCI on 'Learning & Development' Ravi Kaklasaria, SpringPeople-Founder & CEO, highlighted the importance of working proactively in tandem with business and HR for organizational development. He also expressed the essentiality of anticipating the upcoming changes and addressing it proactively in order to build organisational capability.

01 May 2018

Business Digest

L&OD Change Management for Digital Transformation: Key Focus Area for Success

Opinion piece by Ravi Kaklasaria published in Business Digest, May 2018 edition, that explored the key focus areas for L&OD teams to thrive in the current digital economy.

20 Mar 2018

BW Businessworld

Smarter Marketing For Ambitious CEOs

Business World on March 20, 2018 carried an article on the marketing model preferred by ambitious CEOs, with inputs from Ravi Kaklasaria.

17 Feb 2018

Deccan Herald

Top 10 IT skills in demand in 2018

Deccan Herald on February 17, 2018 featured an opinion piece by Ravi Kaklasaria, SpringPeople Founder & CEO. The article examined the IT skills that are in demand in the job market today.

02 Feb 2018

Deccan Chronicle

Now Blended Offerings Like Mechatronics Gaining Popularity; Help Increase Employability of Fresh Graduates

Deccan Chronicle on February 2, 2018 carried an article on the popularity of blended courses in ensuring employability of graduates in this technology driven era. The article contained inputs from Ravi Kaklasaria on how organisations are responding to the skill gap caused by the disruption of technology.

31 Dec 2017

The Hindu Businessline

Big data, machine learning, AI to shape job market in 2018

In an article published in Hindu Business Line on December 31, 2017 Ravi Kaklasaria, SpringPeople Founder & CEO, highlighted how techies skilled in new technologies will be able to dominate domestic IT job market.

21 Dec 2017

Deccan Herald

From Director's Desk - Corporate Training; Why And How?

Deccan Herald on December 21, 2011 carried an opinion piece of Ravi Kaklasaria, SpringPeople - Founder & CEO, on the necessity of effective management of human capital for an organisation.

12 Dec 2017

Times Jobs

IT upskilling, gaining exponential momentum among the IT companies

In an article published in Times Jobs on December 12 2017, Ravi Kaklasaria’s inputs on the need for IT upskilling were published.

05 Dec 2017

People Matters

Is upskilling the only way forward for Indian IT?

People Matters on December 5, 2017 featured an opinion piece by Ravi Kaklasaria, SpringPeople- Founder & CEO. The article discussed the four major reasons why reskilling is integral to the revival of India’s IT sector.

01 Dec 2017

Consultants Review Magazine

Training and HR challenges in the IT industry for 2018

Consultants Review magazine on December 1, 2017 carried an authored article by Ravi Kaklasaria, on the three major challenges Training & HR industry is facing today.

19 Nov 2017

Financial Express

New technology spawning reskilling industry

The Financial Express on November 19th, 2017 carried an article on the influence of new technologies on the growth of independent training providers, with inputs from Ravi Kaklasaria, SpringPeople CEO & Founder.

09 Nov 2017

People Matters

SpringPeople expands corporate training in AI, UX, Robotics

SpringPeople has strengthened its corporate training portfolio in an effort to assist corporates in leveraging the exponential growth in digital market.The expansion will add six new focus domains to its wide array of training programs, with more than 50 courses introduced in the domains of User Experience, Machine Learning & AI, Microservices, Robotic Process Automation, Cloud & DevOps and Big Data & Analytics.

04 Apr 2017

New Indian Express

With SpringPeople, The Focus is On Maximising An Organisation’s ROI

Founded in 2009, SpringPeople is India's biggest enterprise IT training provider with 500+ courses & 750+ clients including Fortune 500 giants. It is one of the handpicked seven global partners of SpringSource, a division of VMware. SpringPeople is also the only training vendor to offer end-to-end training process coverage and offer Service Level Agreements (SLA) to underpin their quality training promise.

16 Jan 2017

The Hindu Businessline

Foreign Executive Favor The Cost- Cutting Certified Courses From India

In India a certified training programme costs about one-third to one-fourth of the cost of the same programme in the US or Europe. A Core Spring training costs over $3,000 in the UK & about $2,800 in the US while it costs less than $1,000 in India. One of the preferred training partners for foreign executives in India is SpringPeople, a company that offers customised solutions for clients’ training requirements.