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Lightbend Reactive Architecture - Professional Training

Live Online & Classroom Enterprise Certification Training

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The Lightbend Reactive Architecture course teaches teams - from development managers to architects to software developers - how to think about and leverage Reactive architectures from design through to production operations. When we use the term Reactive, we are usually talking about Reactive Microservices. But what is a microservice? And how can we make it Reactive? This course will explore the difference between monoliths and microservices and show the journey to making a system Reactive.

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What is Lightbend Reactive Architecture - Professional Certification Training about?

Lightbend Reactive Architecture - Professional training uses authorized  course content developed by Lightbend and will be delivered by the Lightbend Certified Instructor. Systems built as Reactive Systems are more flexible, loosely-coupled and scalable. Developers and architects progressively build a Reactive application from design to deployment, learning architecture techniques and patterns in a fast paced and supportive environment. Immediately apply Reactive design patterns in your organization! 

What are the objectives of Lightbend Reactive Architecture - Professional Certification Training ?

After attending this course, candidates will be able to:

  • Build the confidence to design and deploy scalable, resilient, responsive and elastic systems
  • Certified Lightbend Trainers share best practices for designing Reactive microservices
  • Reactive techniques and patterns - deployed to production!
Available Training Modes

Live Online Training

18 Hours

Classroom Training


3 Days

Who is Lightbend Reactive Architecture - Professional Certification Training for?

  • Developers and Architects looking to develop Reactive systems
  • Architects with an interest in Domain Driven Design and related architectural patterns
  • Managers and Team Leads looking for elasticity, resilience and scale in their products and systems

What are the prerequisites for Lightbend Reactive Architecture - Professional Certification Training?

  • Good to have practical experience in software development and analysis.

Course Outline

  • Session
    • Defining a Reactive Architecture
    • Reactive Microservice Concepts
    • Domain Driven Design and Related Patterns
    • Reaping the Benefits of Microservices
    • Microservice Systems and Platforms
    • Source Control Patterns
  • Why Reactive
    • Reactive Manifesto
    • Reactive Principles
    • Reactive Systems
    • Reactive Programming
    • Actor Model
  • Domain Driven Design
    • Ubiquitous Language
    • Bounded Contexts
    • Anti-Corruption Layers
    • Command, Events, Queries
    • Value Objects, Entities, Aggregates
    • Services, Factories, Repositories
    • Hexagonal Architecture
  • Reactive Microservices
    • Microservices vs Monoliths
    • Isolation of State, Space, Time, Failure
    • Bulkheading
    • Circuit Breakers
    • Gateway Services
  • Consistency, Availability, Scalability
    • Performance vs Scalability
    • Strong Consistency vs Eventual Consistency
    • Contention and Amdahl's Law
    • Coherency and Gunther's Law
    • Sharding
    • CRDTs
  • Messaging and Coordination
    • Synchronous vs Asynchronous Messaging
    • Saga Pattern
    • Two Generals Problem
    • Delivery Guarantees
    • Point to Point
    • Publish/Subscribe
    • Audit Logs
    • Event Sourcing
    • Command Sourcing
    • CQRS
    • Consistency, Availability, Scalability in CQRS

Who is the instructor for this training?

Lightbend Reactive Architecture - Professional training  will be delivered by Lightbend certified Instructor with extensive domain experience, including years of experience in training & mentoring professionals in the industry.

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Lightbend Reactive Architecture - Professional Training - Certification & Exam

  • SpringPeople is the Authorized Training Partner of Lightbend.
  • Lightbend is a provider of the world’s leading Reactive application development platform.
  • Upon successful completion of training, you will receive a course completion certificate from Lightbend.