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RSA Archer Administration certification training is a one stop solution to gain knowledge of the key RSA Archer platform components such as applications, security management and communication tools through presentations and hands-on exercises.

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What is RSA Archer Admin Training about?

Participants will gain knowledge of the key RSA Archer platform components such as applications security management and communication tools through presentations and hands-on exercises. After taking this course participants will be able to plan configure and manage the RSA Archer environment. The subject matter in this course prepares participants with the classroom component recommended for the RSA Archer Certified Administrator certifications

What are the objectives of RSA Archer Admin Training ?

At the end of Archer Administration training course, participants will learn to:

  • Describe the components of the RSA Archer Enterprise Management Solution
  • Navigate within the RSA Archer system
  • Configure the look and feel of the RSA Archer Platform interface
  • Centralize and organize data
  • Import data
  • Alert users to data changes
  • Optimize the user experience
  • Manage user access
  • Automate work streams
  • Complete a questionnaire
  • Describe integration options
  • Search and report on data
  • Communicate information to key stakeholders
  • Migrate changes between environments
Available Training Modes

Live Online Training

40 Hours

Classroom Training


5 Days

Who is RSA Archer Admin Training for?

  • Anyone who wants to add RSA Archer Admin skills to their profile
  • Teams getting started on RSA Archer Admin projects
  • What are the prerequisites for RSA Archer Admin Training?

    A general understanding of business processes and computer-based business applications.

    Course Outline

    • 1. Introduction to RSA Archer
      • RSA Archer eGRC Suite
      • Solution components
      • Introduction to the case study
    • 2. General Navigation
      • Interface components
      • Managing content records
    • 3. Configure the Appearance
      • Managing Themes
      • Managing the Appearance
    • 4. Centralize and Organize Data
      • Data structure
      • Application Builder overview
      • Inside Manage Applications
      • General Application Properties
      • Field Management
      • Page Layout
      • Navigation Menu
    • 5. Import Data
      • Using the Data Import Manager
    • 6. Alert Users to Data Changes
      • Creating Letterheads
      • Managing Subscription Notifications
      • Troubleshooting Tips
    • 7. Optimize the User Experience
      • Data-Driven Events
      • Calculated Fields
      • Troubleshooting Tips
    • 8. Manage User Access
      • Access Control Basics
      • User Accounts
      • Access Roles
      • Groups
      • Record Permissions
      • Private Fields
      • Troubleshooting Tips
    • 9. Automate Work Streams
      • Configure a two-stage workflow
    • 10. Task Management
      • Enabling Task Management
    • 11. Questionnaires
      • Question Library Overview
      • Questionnaire Creation Process
      • Completing a Questionnaire
    • 12. Integration Options
      • Data Feed Manager
      • API Resources
    • 13. Search and Report on Data
      • Quick Search
      • Advanced Search
      • Statistics Search and Chart Options
      • Reporting
    • 14. Communicate Information to Stakeholders
      • iViews
      • Dashboards
      • Workspaces
      • Additional Configuration Options
    • 15. Packaging for Production
      • Creating Packages
      • Installing Packages
      • Advanced Package Mapper
    • 16. Design Best Practices
      • Field Design Tips
      • Application Layout Tips
      • Data-Driven Event Tips
    • 15. Vendor Management Case Study
      • Hands-on exercise in which participants are challenged to build a best-in-classnvendor data application with minimal assistance
    • 16. Course Summary
      • Customer Support Options
      • Certification Exam Information

    Who is the instructor for this training?

    The trainer for this Archer Administration Training has extensive experience in this domain, including years of experience training & mentoring professionals.