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Gain an in-depth understanding of the essentials of network application development with our Node js training. Master the skills necessary to develop lightweight and efficient data-intensive real-time applications for your organization.

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What is Node.JS Training about?

Node.js is a popular open-source cross-platform runtime environment for JavaScript execution.  

Powered using a combination of Google's V8 JavaScript engine, an event loop, and a low-level I/O API, Node.js is the best lightweight platform for data-intensive applications.

With our Node.js training, you can master the skills you need to use it as your server-side technology to develop and generate dynamic page content and efficiently carry out file/database operations in the server.

In our Cloudlabs, using the interactive file system functionality, you can practice creating server-side event driven applications such as real-time chat or HTML5 multiplayer games, blogs, and social applications.

Become an expert in creating enterprise applications that support high throughput and fast operations with our Node.js course. 

What are the objectives of Node.JS Training ?

At the end of this Node.js certification, you will be able to:

  • Internalize Node.js core concepts and modules
  • Create applications that interact with file systems and HTTP
  • Deploy NPMS package manager
  • Work with web services and web sockets
  • Test and debug Node.JS applications
  • Automate and deploy Node.JS applications
Available Training Modes

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Who is Node.JS Training for?

  • Developers who aim to use Node.js to develop server-side programs
  • Teams getting started or working on Node.js based projects

What are the prerequisites for Node.JS Training?

  • Application development experience and basic knowledge of the JavaScript language is required. 
  • Working knowledge of any server technology (J2EE, .NET, Ruby etc) is good to have.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to NodeJS
    • NodeJS background
    • History
    • How it works
    • Installing on Mac and PC
  • NodeJS core and Modules
    • Introduction to the global object
    • Standard input / output
    • Timing functions
    • Core modules
    • Information Collection with read line
    • Event Handling with Event Emitter
    • Exporting custom modules
    • Creating child processes with exec and spaw
  • Interacting with File System
    • Listing and reading directories and files
    • Writing to files
    • Renaming and deleting files and directory
    • Reading and writing from file stream
  • HTTP Module
    • Making a request and response mechanism
    • Build a web server step by step
    • Serving to files
    • Serving to Json Data
    • Collection post data from web pages
  • Package Manager - NPMS
    • Installing npms locally and globally on mac
    • Installing npms locally and globally on windows
    • Working with npms
    • File servers with httpsters
  • Working with Web servers
    • The package.json file
    • Intro to Express JS
    • Express routing and CORS
    • Express Post bodies and params
  • Working with Web Sockets
    • Creating a web socket server
    • Broadcasting message with web sockets
    • Creating web sockets with
    • Create a chat application using
  • Testing and Debugging
    • Testing with Mocha and Chai
    • Asynchronous Mocha Testing
    • Mocking a server with Nock
    • Injecting dependencies with rewire
    • Advance testing sinos spies
    • Advance testing sinos stubs
  • Automation and Deployment
    • Hinting your code with Grunt
    • Converting LESS to CSS with Grunt
    • Bundling Client scripts with Browserify
    • Rapid development with Grunt Watches
    • Automation with NPM
    • Debugging with NPM

Who is the instructor for this training?

The trainer for our Node.js online training has extensive development experience in JavaScript and related scripting languages, including years of experience mentoring professionals in Node.js courses & Node.js certification training.