DevOps in AWS – what can be achieved and how?

  “The most powerful tool we have as developers is automation.” —Scott Hanselman   Technology has evolved with time which reciprocates the evolution in the ways of handling it. Over the past decade or two, there has been a great shift in computation and software development life cycles. Infrastructure, applications, services, products everything is making […]


Discover the benefits of Docker and Kubernetes

In the past few years, software containers have significantly changed the way IT organizations run, deploy, build and maintain applications. The advantages that containerization offers made it very compelling for the organizations to adopt. In this post, we will run through the benefits docker and kubernetes provides to an organization. Container technology, popularly known as […]


Cloud Migration & DevOps: What You Should Know

When an organisation is completely or partially migrating to cloud, then it is evident that they are not very pleased with their current infrastructure. Enterprises that have a cloud app and mixed legacy face many challenges like rationalizing the different tools, languages,schemas, databases, formats and also certain issues with parts of infrastructure that makes use […]


Top 6 DevOps Trends 2019

The rise of DevOps has been slow, but steady. It has grown from being a mere tech buzzword to a proven method of quickly and effectively delivering software than in the past. DevOps is simply the combination of development and production in the IT infrastructure. It enables organizations to provide agile services, streamline their production […]


DevOps Interview Questions of 2018

13 Frequently Asked DevOps Interview Questions of 2018

DevOps is a philosophy, a collaboration between operations and development. Until recently, operations and development engineers were working apart on their individual tasks; with little, if any knowledge about each other’s respective functions. However, with the recent advancement in IT, this traditional approach has experienced a paradigm shift. With DevOps, now there exists a bridge […]


15 DevOps Questions & Answers

DevOps is not just an important tool for IT professionals, but a philosophy, a journey, and a culture. Even though this tool has recently come to the fore, its importance has never been more pronounced. If you are an IT professional considering a career in DevOps, you will not find a better opportunity to flourish […]


8 Must Know Programming Language for DevOps

DevOps uses languages for software development & deployment automation. The recent State of Database DevOps Report revealed that within two years, 80% of companies will adopt DevOps. This study also stated that 75% of enterprises already have in-house developers who work on both DevOps applications and DevOps databases. Though integrating database changes into a DevOps […]



What is DevOps? Dev and Ops – Together They Win!

As the name suggests, DevOps is a crossover between “Development” and “Operations”. To describe it in familiar terms, DevOps is the marriage of “Development” and “Operations” – two conflicting entities bound together to align themselves towards a common good. Just like a husband and a wife, Development, and Operations always desire for different things. For […]


DevOps Expert – Chef and Puppet

Necessity is the mother of invention. Sometimes, necessity also gives birth to new movements. DevOps is a similar movement born out of the need to improve the speed of IT service delivery. The DevOps movement encourages and emphasizes communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations. It aims to establish a culture where […]