Cloud Computing

How Is Cloud Computing Connected To Big Data & Hadoop

Hadoop, Cloud & Big Data are three terms that has been attracting much attention of late. Courses and certifications in these areas have also seen a surge. Let us first look into these terms individually and then understand how cloud computing is connected to these technologies A Brief Look Into Cloud Computing, Big Data & […]


Cloud Migration & DevOps: What You Should Know

When an organisation is completely or partially migrating to cloud, then it is evident that they are not very pleased with their current infrastructure. Enterprises that have a cloud app and mixed legacy face many challenges like rationalizing the different tools, languages,schemas, databases, formats and also certain issues with parts of infrastructure that makes use […]


Cloud Computing: 2018 & Beyond

A research conducted by IDC in 2017 predicted that in 2018 almost half of the IT expenditure will in cloud, reaching an estimated 60% of all IT infrastructure & approximately 60-70% of all software, technology, and service expenditure by 2020. So, what exactly is Cloud Computing or Cloud as it as it popularly referred to? […]


AWS Vs Azure Vs Google CLoud

The Cloud War: AWS Vs Azure Vs Google Cloud Services

The more we travel in time, towards future, cloud computing keeps on luring us with its mysterious beckoning. By now, we all know that cloud computing is referred to the delivery of computing services, namely servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, etc., over the internet. In today’s digital era, cloud computing is everywhere. You are […]


Cloud Computing – Bridging the Skill Gap

Migrating into cloud infrastructure is a highly daunting task for major IT firms. In the year 2015, the IT market has seen a massive (28%) growth in demand for skilled professionals, with around 7 million vacancies around the globe. Although that was a huge requirement but most of the vacancies still went unfilled as the […]


Cloud Computing: The Preface

We just had a fantastic office party a few weeks back; evening breeze cooling off otherwise balmy day’s tiredness on the SpringPeople office terrace, fantastic team participation and most importantly the never-ending flow of food and drinks. Well, you must be thinking, “Is this a technical study of cloud computing or some mindless saga of […]